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ER/Studio Data Architect will help you

  • Document and enhance existing databases
  • Improve data consistency
  • Effectively communicate models across the enterprise
  • Trace data origins and whereabouts to enhance data integration and accuracy

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Watch a webinar: "Of Models and Mashups — Data Architecture in the Agile Age" by Henry Olson.

Is your data agile? Or is your process Agile? Listen to this webinar to help you prepare your data for an Agile environment.

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Watch a webinar: "Getting to Know ER/Studio Team Server"

Are you able to leverage your hard work on data models across your organization? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how ER/Studio Team Server helps you master your metadata.

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Customers Love ER/Studio Data Architect

ER/Studio Reuse common data elementsReuse your common data elements with enterprise model management

ER/Studio Data Architect helps you define and reuse common data elements and modeling components across projects to establish standards in their modeling practices.

erDATrialScreen2Discover where your data originated and where it is used

You can use ER/Studio Data Architect to document and enhance existing databases, improve data consistency and effectively communicate models across the enterprise. Powerful reverse engineering of industry-leading database systems allows you to compare and consolidate common data structures without creating unnecessary duplication.

erDATrialScreen3Easily document, understand and publish your models

ER/Studio Data Architect provides an easy-to-use visual interface to document, understand, and publish information about existing databases so you can be better harness them to support your business objectives.

ER/Studio is purpose-built for data modeling

If you use Visio, Excel, Toad data modeler, or Sybase PowerDesigner for data modeling tasks, you owe it to yourself to try ER/Studio. ER/Studio makes your job easier for a host of data modeling tasks including:

  • database reverse engineering
  • physical data modeling
  • data optimization
  • logical data modeling
  • data governance
  • metadata management
  • data architecture diagrams
  • entity relationships

ER/Studio gives you top data architecture tools for any platform

  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Teradata
  • DB2
  • Netezza
  • Greenplum
  • And more