3rd Rail™ - Top Reasons to Buy

Easily navigate to where you need to be with Code Navigation
3rdRail's code navigation assists rapid and efficient traversal of application structures. The dependencies view feature uses a combination of syntactic and semantic analysis to provide a view of all project interdependencies. Because it understands how a RoR application works it allows developers to only view the area of their code relevant to a given selection.

The power of the command line and the productivity of an IDE with CodeGear Commanders
A unique feature of 3rdRail is CodeGear commanders which merge the power of the command line with the ease of use and productivity of the IDE. This provides the ability to dynamically switch between typing on command lines and the IDE's tools, which are all integrated into the command line. For example, output from commands adding a model or view is immediately reflected throughout the IDE. Command output is hyperlinked, so that clicking on any generated file or folder will open that in the IDE.

Problem Detection and Correction
Each time you save changes to your code, 3rdRail provides detection of common Ruby and Rails coding errors. Detected errors are marked within the code and explained in the Problems view. In many cases, automatic correction is available via the “Quick Fix” option found within the context menu of the problem description. When automatic correction is not feasible, more general solution suggestions are shown.

Write applications accurately, with fewer keystrokes using intelligent code completion
3rdRail's code completion includes several powerful, integrated features for method completion, parameter completion and syntax checking. Developers are able to write programs with accuracy and fewer keystrokes because they no longer need to remember fine points such as object types, methods and method signatures. 3rdRail predicts likely expectations based on conventions and semantics and is able to understand the context of what a developer is doing. Rather than simply produce a pop-up list of hundreds of choices, 3rdRail shows the correct ones. 3rdRail's code completion is so advanced that even methods that are created dynamically at runtime are included.

Improve and simplify application design with refactoring
3rdRail provides technology specifically for RoR that enables developers to improve and simplify application design. The refactoring tools in 3rdRail ensure that developers can reorganize their application code without changing the results.

Fast, integrated debugging
A high performance debugger, fully integrated with 3rdRail IDE. Support for both Ruby and Rails, ERB debugging (Embedded Ruby, RHTML). Includes detailed formatters for Ruby and Rails specific data structures. Support for stepping, run to breakpoint, and smart step. Also supports variable introspection, hot swap, and remote debugging.

A complete runtime environment for your RoR development
3rdRail includes a complete, turnkey Ruby on Rails runtime environment including databases, Ruby, Rails, the Gem manager and a number of special Gems and tools. Plus, receive a developer license for InterBase®, CodeGear's database for embedded and enterprise applications.

Accelerate development with productivity wizards
3rdRail extends the power of the built-in RoR generators from commanders with special productivity wizards that combine numerous related steps into one operation. This allows developers to stay productive and speed development.

Easily edit and manage website artifacts
With the included embedded Web development tools in 3rdRail such as Mozilla browser, JavaScript debugging, Document Object Model inspection, request monitoring and others, developers can easily edit and manage all website artifacts.