Why DB Change Manager XE2

Complete Database Change Management for Database Administrators
Database Administrators sit at the center of a complex workflow that touches many participants: data modelers, database developers, architects, business analysts, software developers and more. At any given time, each database under their management is physically instantiated across a number of different environments, each of which may contain any one of several versions of the same database.

Managing this steady stream of functional and technology change across all of these physical environments and design layer components can be a tremendous challenge. Oftentimes, the database change process has been (rightly or wrongly) patterned after the software change management process. This invariably leaves gaps, which DBA’s usually fill with manual and ad hoc workarounds.

Database Administrators need a comprehensive change management tool to wrangle all this activity. DB Change Manager XE2 is the only tool available that covers data, schema and configuration management across four major DBMS platforms (IBM® DB2® for LUW, Microsoft® SQL Server, Oracle®, and Sybase®) – all from a single interface.

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Streamlining Application Development Cycles
Database change management has a number of unique requirements that can only be addressed by specialized tools: preserving data when making structural changes, validating synchronicity in a replicated environment, managing reference data across test, development, and production environments, maintaining security differences, and much more.

A tool designed to handle database change management tasks can simplify processes, streamline complex tasks, reduce the chance for errors, and minimize downtime. You want to ensure that changes applied to production make it back into the database design, development, and test environments; you want to easily bundle changes together for migration between environments; you want to automate manual and repetitive tasks; and you want to keep track of tables, procedures, settings, and privileges.

Adopting reliable, repeatable, and efficient processes to manage database changes are vital to the success of any software project. Embarcadero® DB Change Manager™ XE2 puts the power of change tracking, schema comparison, software-generated synchronization scripts, and flexible reporting into the hands of the development team.

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Protecting Data Privacy in the Development Lifecycle
QA and Development teams want to use as realistic data as possible throughout the development lifecycle to ensure optimum performance once the code hits Production. Using real data during development helps verify scaling and performance tuning. In QA and test cycles, using real data ensures accurate regression, functional, negative and load testing. But using real data raises security issues with the data managers. Information security officers and database administrators (DBAs) are responsible for ensuring data security and protecting personally identifiable information (PII.)

Data masking or obfuscation helps data managers comply with data privacy legislation and protect PII data by de-identifying sensitive data. What is needed is a data privacy solution that works within the existing development workflow without adding cost or additional cycles to IT projects.

DB Change Manager XE2 offers a simple, cost-effective, yet powerful tool for creating realistic test data within the development lifecycle. Data masking features let data managers de-identify data in the production environment and quickly move the masked, yet realistic and fully functional, data into Development, Test and QA environments.