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DBArtisan 2016

Embarcadero® DBArtisan® 2016 is a revolutionary database administration solution using integrated performance analytics to maximize availability, performance, security and collaboration across multiple DBMSs. DBArtisan is the essential DBA toolset to dramatically lower costs and save time by leveraging performance insights to identify issues and pinpoint resolutions.

DBArtisan Testimony

        Do you have the right database administration tools?Space, Data and Performance Management at Your Fingertips

DBArtisan provides comprehensive facilities to help you manage space, data and performance to help keep your database optimized and running. DBArtisan helps manage the performance of your databases with a built-in process monitor that helps administrators understand who is connected to your database along with each user's current activity and session-related data.

Manage Security Easily, Efficiently

Establish and maintain database security whether you are managing an existing production database or setting up a new environment. You'll find consistent support across all of the supported platforms as DBArtisan lets you view, grant, and revoke permissions or privileges. When you open a security-related object, such as user or role, the Permissions tab lets you assign permissions on an object-by-object basis.

DBArtisanSeamless Schema and Data Migrations

Advanced data management tools help to move schema and corresponding table data across the same or different platforms. The Migration Wizard guides administrators through a multi-step process that lets you select source and target data sources, select object types and specific objects to be migrated, specify a flexible set of migration options, and view progress of the operation.

DBArtisanThe Analyst Series Give DBAs Greater Insight

For advanced space, capacity, and performance analysis and management, DBArtisan's optional Space, Capacity, and Performance Analyst components contain sophisticated diagnostics to help you pinpoint problems in your database. The series facilitates troubleshooting bottlenecks and performance inefficiencies that result in poor space management, tracking key database metadata and performance metrics over time, and provides intelligent diagnostic information with strong drilldown details.

Improve database performanceEnsure Organizational Data Governance with Analytics, Centralized Datasources and Inline Metadata

Improve database performance, uptime and availability with DBArtisan’s analytical and management capabilities. DBAs can utilize DBArtisan’s Analyst Series for detailed analysis of database space, capacity, and performance to improve database performance. DBArtisan also empowers DBAs to find, know, and protect their data through a centralized datasource repository and the use of inline metadata to provide valuable awareness of sensitive data stemming from PII, regulatory, data governance policies and their policy owners.