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Still Loving It

Jochen BartlauGreat IDE! We started with Delphi some 15 years ago – still loving it.

Jochen Bartlau,
Head of Development List & Label, combit

Save Hours of Coding

With Delphi, we have the most complete tool to meet the needs and difficulties we face daily. Who would have thought that with a single tool it would possible to reach different platforms without many changes? Visual LiveBindings and other resources saved many hours over programming everything manually.

Kelson Palharini,
Developer, Ponto.Sys Sistemas

Easy Approval to App Stores

Alexandre HouelleThe Pascal compiler of Delphi XE6 is a real jewel and the RAD studio is very powerful. We have successfully published our application to the Apple and Google stores from the same source code. Fantastic!

Alexandre Houelle,
software developer, Delphi-Staff (France)

Mobile Versions in Record Time

Bill BrookfieldOur customers asked us to create a mobile version of our desktop application that can be used by their field personnel. Delphi XE6 has provided us with the ability to create truly native versions of our applications for both iOS and Android. The single code base and outstanding IDE allowed us to build, test and deploy to our customers in record time. Highly recommend!

Bill Brookfield,
Senior Programmer, Perconti Data Systems

Fast Time to Market

Digifort Digs DelphiWe chose Delphi because we could utilize the same code in order to generate software for both iOS and Android. This eliminated the need to learn new languages and gave us a much faster time-to-market. We didn’t have to hire more people, which reduced the cost to the company even more.

Éric Fleming Bonilha
Director of Development, Digifort

Fast to the Appstore

FunckeDelphi XE5 enabled us to deliver our first iOS app to the appstore store in almost no time.

Oliver Funcke, CEO
Software Union G.m.b.H.

One Tool for All Your Needs

Delphi has allowed me to focus on one development platform to accomplish all my programming needs, and Delphi has continually expanded the boundaries of what a development system can do.

Eric Buescher,
Whitley & Siddons

Mobile PLUS Desktop

The exciting new frontier is mobile, but Windows and Macs have not gone away. Delphi XE5 makes a single source code tree available to all these critical platforms so you can get your brilliant apps out wherever people need.

Erick Engelke

Get to Mobile Fast

We are able to develop a full functional application, from the scratch, without any previous knowledge in mobile apps in a very short time with Delphi XE5. Delphi rocks!

Magno Lima, System Architect
3T Systems, Brasil

Wide and Deep

There is no other tool system with the breadth of platforms. And Delphi has such a depth of tools and user base.

Bob Kondner, Index Designs


I haven't been this excited about Delphi since its initial release!

J-F Bilodeau

See Your App on Multi-Platforms

Van EedenDelphi XE5 Enterprise is a great system to see your app appear on many platforms (Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows).

Knud van Eeden,
Independent app developer

Get in the Driver's Seat

Delphi XE5 puts me back in the driving seat with the ability to consider designing and developing applications for a market now at least 100 times larger than back in the 1980s.

Tim Hayes, former CTO
IT-Map International

All the Tools You Need

With Delphi XE5 we started a new project targeting medical information in both Android and iOS. I can implement any feature my customers ask, all the tools are available, in any platform, with any database.

Everyday Excitement

CillerueloDo you remember your first "Hello world!" application in your life? It was exciting! True? I feel this with Delphi every day!

Juan C.Cilleruelo,
Senior Software Architect

A Better Android Dev Tool

I've personally used Xcode, the Android development tools and others. What you guys have done with Delphi is Amazing!

Bruce D. Gilham,
BDG Software, Inc.

Customers Will Love Your Apps

We created an iPad app with Delphi which is an entrance system for the biggest family park in Austria. Now we are developing a point of sale solution for Windows, Mac, iOS and also Android. We could not do this level of development without the Delphi environment. And most importantly, our customers love our solutions!

Werner Weiss, CEO

Use Your Existing Skills

PauliWith Delphi XE5 I am able to develop applications across multi platforms using the same code base, an important differential compared to other solutions on market. I can reuse my Windows skills to create new mobile applications today. And with a few clicks in XE5, I am able to deploy my current iOS applications to the Android platform.

Guinther Pauli, Software Engineer,

Expand Your Business

The latest version of Delphi opened up a new world to me with a new way to expand my business without changing my programming platform. I can now have my application running on all the most important platforms, Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. My first Delphi iOS application was accepted by Apple on the first try!

G. Magistro, Sba Srl

Easily Expand to New Markets

With Delphi XE5 I am able to take the code I developed for iOS directly to Android devices, a new market of about 345 million SmartPhones, without having to re-write my source code.

Ricardo C. Boaro, Analista de Sistemas
Comercial João Afonso Ltda

A "Home Run"

Once again Embarcadero hits it straight out of the park. No one, and I do mean no one, comes even remotely close to what Delphi can do. The addition of Android to the mix puts the icing on the cake!

A Path to Mobile for .NET Programmers

PesaresiWe are witnessing the growth of mobile devices in the restaurant business, and need to react to that. Until today we have developed using .NET applications for Windows CE, but we had enormous difficulty in accessing mobile systems based on Android or iOS. Using Delphi to develop mobile applications and the possibility that a future source can be compiled for different environments, Android as well as iOS, are the real strengths of this instrument.

Marco Pesaresi, software development manager,

Leverage Existing Skills to Get to Mobile

Native iOS support in Delphi enables me to leverage my existing skills for this fast-growing market. The door is now wide open for new software opportunities. It's an exciting time to be a developer!

Ian Krigsman, owner,
Discovery Systems

Boost Your Productivity

KuiperDelphi has really entered the world of mobile now, and has done so big time. Delphi XE4 generates true native Mach-O binaries. Staying with my favorite IDE, and not having to switch to Xcode's Interface Builder, is a great boost to my productivity, and keeps me way ahead of the competition.

Jennifer Kuiper, project manager,
main() Development

Create Windows and OS X Apps From a Single Codebase

PiispaAs a long time user of Delphi, we are excited about the prospect of using Delphi XE3 and FireMonkey to create Windows 8 and Mac OS X applications from a single codebase.

Juha Piispa, CEO,
Moonsoft Oy

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