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Don’t settle for “average” – easily migrate to ER/Studio today

It is no coincidence that ERwin users jump to ER/Studio as soon as their maintenance contracts end, and often sooner! Being stuck with an average product is a liability for any business. Increasingly dissatisfied ERwin data modelers are looking for more than just another data modeling tool.

Data professionals depend on ER/Studio for enterprise data management. With its advanced Repository, very popular Web-Based Portal, Visual Data Lineage and Enterprise Data Dictionary, ER/Studio is the core component of a broader data modeling platform built specifically to meet the needs of today's data modelers.

Don't take our word for it: read what independent analysis by e-Modelers Inc., specialists in enterprise architecture and modeling has to say when comparing ER/Studio with ERwin.

"Whereas ERwin is an older product, has a significant user base, and many years of development effort, ER/Studio is consistently ahead when it comes to ease of use, as communicated to us by our clients. In addition, ER/Studio tends to be ahead when specific types of modeling projects are compared."

– Dr. Nicholas Kabbaz, eModelers Inc.

Independent comparative analysis of ER/Studio 9.5 versus ERwin r9

"Embarcadero's emphasis on regular interactions with its user communities, as well as their efforts to understand the challenges around different client projects, enables ER/Studio to evolve by focusing on meeting those challenges."

Did you think the latest release might solve the old ERwin problems? It didn't.  ER/Studio still has superior reporting, repository security, object mappings and comments and labels; important capabilities that you need. Read more in the report:

Migrating from ERwin to ER/Studio is quick and effective.

Watch this short (3 minutes) video showing a live migration from an ERwin model to an ER/Studio model.


These Smart Firms Already Made the Switch

entrust whitepaper


"We had to use a tool like Visio and do everything by hand before. We're talking about thousands of tables with subsequent relationships. Now ER/Studio automates the most time consuming tasks."
-- Jason Soroko, Business Architect at Entrust

catalina whitepaper

Catalina Marketing

"It's exciting that we finally have the tools to keep pace with the data warehousing technology we've had in place all along. Our modeling capabilities are in lockstep with our database now."
-- Kelly Carrigan, Vice President of Data Warehousing and Infrastructure at Catalina Marketing


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