ER/Studio Family

ER/Studio Enterprise Team edition includes:
ER/Studio Data Architect

ER/Studio Data Architect

Access, analyze and optimize enterprise data for business insight
ER/Studio Team Server

ER/Studio Team Server Core 

Enterprise model and metadata collaboration for context, consistency, and compliance
ER/Studio Repository

Model Repository

Version control for real-time data and business process collaboration
ER/Studio MetaWizard


Cross-platform metadata integration
ER/Studio Business Architect

Business Architect

Integrated business process and conceptual relationship mapping
ER/Studio Software Architect

Software Architect

Visually analyze, design, and implement software with UML support
Optional companion products available to complement ER/Studio are:
ER/Studio Viewer


Interactive data model access in a view-only environment
Data Lineage

Data Lineage

Graphically understand and interactively explore data lineage
Univeral Data Models

Universal Data Models

Industry-specific data model templates

"ER/Studio has saved me many, many hours of time. I can rely on it. There is no competition."
– American Heart Association

ER/Studio Enterprise Team edition

ER/Studio Enterprise Team edition is the fastest, easiest, and most collaborative way for data management professionals to build and maintain enterprise-scale databases and data warehouses. Built-in facilities automate routine modeling tasks so users can analyze and optimize database and data warehouse designs faster than ever. With a server-side model management system and online portal, ER/Studio Enterprise Team edition provides the most productive way to share, document, and publish your models and metadata to distributed teams. ER/Studio Enterprise Team edition includes multiple components: ER/Studio Data Architect, Business Architect, Software Architect, Model Repository, ER/Studio Team Server Core and MetaWizard. Companion products including Viewer, Data Lineage, and Universal Data Models, provide additional capabilities.

ER/Studio Enterprise Team edition components:

ER/Studio Data Architect

ER/Studio Data Architect is Embarcadero's flagship data modeling tool that helps companies discover, document, and re-use data assets. With round-trip database support, data architects can easily reverse-engineer, analyze, design, and optimize existing data sources, ranging from structured data to big data. Comprehensive model management and collaboration capabilities simplify building and maintaining complex enterprise data models.

Business Architect

Business Architect is a process and conceptual modeling tool that enables data architects and business users to easily model the relationships between business processes, people and data under the BPMN standard.

Software Architect

Software Architect is an object-oriented modeling tool for application developers to visually analyze and design complex software applications using the UML 2.0 specification.

Model Repository

Model Repository is a secure and scalable modeling environment that provides real-time data and business process collaboration for the enterprise with rich support for model version management.

ER/Studio Team Server Core

ER/Studio Team Server Core is a model and metadata collaboration tool that enables data context, consistency, and compliance. ER/Studio Team Server Core's metadata driven tool-tips, rules, hints, and warnings enable users to better build, manage, and analyze data.


MetaWizard allows ER/Studio to integrate with more than seventy other applications by sharing metadata through an import-export bridge capability, allowing users to integrate metadata across modeling tools, business intelligence, ETL platforms, and more, via industry-standard exchange formats.

Optional companion products for ER/Studio:


The ER/Studio Viewer offers the same sophisticated navigational features of ER/Studio to team members that want advanced browsing and zooming capabilities but do not require the ability to edit the models.

Data Lineage

Data Lineage helps to graphically understand and interactively explore data lineage by providing visibility into multiple ETL platforms, which allows massive data volumes from diverse sources to be accessible at every level, including design, production and transformation.

Universal Data Models

Universal Data Models (UDM) are proven, industry-specific data model templates that help data professionals reduce development time, and improve consistency and standardization while achieving high quality models.

"I cannot adequately emphasize the impact that ER/Studio will have on the success of your enterprise. The cost of the product is barely a concern compared to the money it will save your company and the modeling enhancements it will offer your development team."
– InfoWorld


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