ER/Studio System Requirements

Data Architect

Minimum hardware:

  • 2GB RAM
  • 2.5GB disk space

Operating systems supported:

  • Windows 7… 10 (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2

Native connections:

  • DB2 (LUW and z/OS)
  • Oracle
  • Azure SQL Database
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server in Azure VMs
  • Sybase
  • MongoDB
  • Hadoop Hive
  • ODBC Connections

Note: ER/Studio Data Architect now runs as a native 64-bit application. Separate installers let you choose between 32-bit and 64-bit applications. You must be using 64-bit versions of DBMS platform drivers when using the 64-bit version of ER/Studio Data Architect.

ER/Studio Team Server (includes Repository)

  • Note: Team Server now shares an installer with Repository. Use of the Team Server functions requires a Team Server Core license with an ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition license.
  • Data Architect Professional installation will use the Team Server installer for the Repository functionality.
  • The Team Server / Repository installer is now 64-bit only.

Minimum hardware:

  • Minimum: 4 CPUs, 6GB RAM; recommended: 8 CPUs, 8GB RAM
  • Database disk space: 5 GB + additional DB growth if included
  • Application disk space: 100MB per Team Server/Repository diagram for data storage

Operating systems supported:

  • Windows Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2

Browsers supported:
The following web browsers are tested to work with ER/Studio Team Server. Other browsers may work, but are not officially supported:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (9.0 or later)

Databases supported:

  • IBM DB2 9.x, 10.x LUW
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005–2014
  • Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c

Business Architect

Minimum hardware:

  • 250MB storage
  • 1GB RAM

Operating systems supported:

  • Windows 7…10

Software Architect

Minimum hardware:

  • 220MB storage
  • 1GB RAM

Operating systems supported:

  • Windows 7…10

Data Lineage

Minimum hardware:

  • 300MB Storage
  • 3GB RAM

Operating systems supported:

  • Windows Server 2008, 2012 (32- and 64-bit)

Universal Data Models

  • Requires ER/Studio Data Architect 7.1 or higher

Minimum hardware:

  • 2MB Storage per Subject Area Model
  • 10MB Storage per Industry-Specific Model or Integrated Corporate Model

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