Optional Embarcadero Analyst Add-On Pack

The Embarcadero Analyst Add-On Pack includes advanced storage management and capacity planning capabilities (Space Analyst, Capacity Analyst), as well as advanced performance management features(Performance Analyst). If you have a large database environment that requires serious storage, performance, and capacity management, then this is the right choice for you.

Performance Analyst is perfect for DBAs who need more performance details. It provides intelligent database and OS diagnostic information and strong drill-down details to help you pinpoint the cause of performance degradation. It is a powerful client-side database monitor that runs inside the DBArtisan console, so you can fix any found performance problems within a few mouse clicks.

Capacity Analyst makes capacity planning easier and forecasting mechanisms allow you to predict when you'll run out of space. It lets you track key database metadata and performance metrics over time so you can perform trend analysis on key areas like database growth, object fragmentation, database I/O and session load.

Space Analyst contains sophisticated diagnostics to help you pinpoint all space-related problems in your database, as well as an intelligent reorganization wizard that can reorganize all or selected parts of your database.

Revision Information:

  • Current Version: XE
  • Prior Version: N/A
  • Current Release: February 17, 2010