What People are Saying

Simply Fantastic

SantosWith RAD XE6, my team developing mobile solutions gained even more flexibility in building apps for all platforms. Simply fantastic!

Adriano Santos,
Operations Director, Get It! Technology

RAD Studio XE6 – A Must

Roman KassebaumThe multi-platform approach combined with the stability and performance makes RAD Studio XE6 a must for every Delphi and C++ developer.

Keep One Step Ahead of the Competition

Sayat ErtüfenkRAD Studio / Delphi is a valuable product for software developers. It will be indispensable for us, as it lowers our cost and reduces the effort of coding so that we can develop apps for new devices much faster. We will be one step ahead of our competition delivering new capabilities and features.

Sayat Ertüfenk,
Director of Development, Kalem YAZILIM

An Elegant and Inspirational Technology

All other development platforms are rendered obsolete by RAD Studio XE5.

Les Kaye, Accounts professional,
software developer and hobbyist

Development is a Breeze

RAD Studio XE5 makes development a breeze. No deciding which Microsoft framework to use. You just build an application and you're done.

James Dooley, Software Engineer,
Universal Avionics

Write Code Faster

RAD Studio makes exactly what it says its name: Rapid Application Development. The ability to write code faster and secure. The friendliness of the language. The number of libraries available. The convenience for new developers.

Costas Economopoulos, Software development Manager,
SmartWare SA

Just Do It

It's not Nike, but XE5 allows you to 'Just Do It'.



We design, create and maintain all our multi-language software and apps quickly with RAD Studio XE5.

John Beemsterboer, Senior Application Developer,
BeMat Automatisering bv - The Netherlands

Premier Tool Provider

With XE5 Embarcadero stands as the premier provider of tools for developers.

Developer Team,
Dermatek Software Customizado

The Best!

Probably the best software development system in the world.

Keith Nutt,
Head cook and bottle washer

Faster Multi-Platform Development

RAD Studio XE5 makes development much faster when you need to make apps for different platforms.

Laboratory Informatica by Bionuclear

Fast Android Apps

Finally I can produce my Android apps as quickly as my PC apps.

Scott May, Lead Developer,

Client and Server Apps

RAD Studio XE5 is the best development tool on the market. It is possible to develop Client/Server database applications for the server and client apps for iOS in the same project.

Dr. Marco Ferlini, General Manager,
F.C.S. Solutions Srl

A Well Kept Secret

An incredible platform and well kept secret.

Jon Nevins, President,
Lion Software, Inc.

No Pain

Excellent multiple platform development tool without all of the platform specific pain.

Jim Leftwich,
JBL Software, Inc.

Be Happy

XE5 is a great tool for getting solutions to our customers quickly. We are happy developers.

Joe Canepa,
Ryte Byte, Inc.

A Great Development Tool

The latest in a long line of great development tools.

Bill Sadler,
Data analyst


RAD Studio is just fantastic!

Karl Bromage,
Industrial Design & Control Ltd

Deliver Cutting-edge Apps

Our clients now demand cutting-edge products at competitive prices. Embarcadero technologies have enabled us to deliver the kind of products our clients now demand.

Milan Vydareny,
Chicago Transom Technologies

Serious App Development

We earn our living from writing *real* apps for *real* end-users and we're using XE5 to do it. No joke. No hype.

Ian Barker,

A Single IDE

It's great to be able to develop apps for iOS/Android in the same environment, same IDE.

Brian Hamilton,


I was skeptical about the features, but I was convinced rapidly once I started to use them. Amazing!


The Best

Still the BEST tool to develop and now also the BEST tool for any platform!

Mario Vermeulen, CTO,
3D Office BV the Netherlands

A Game-Changing Platform

XE5 is a game-changing platform for anyone serious about true cross-platform development using a common code base. There is no substitute.

Tom Marchione, CEO,
XMS Corporation

Native Apps for Performance

With RAD Studio XE5 I can maintain my old Windows Desktop applications and I'm able to write new iOS and Android apps on the same codebase. Compared to other development tools all my applications run in a native way which gives my customers the performance they need.

Roman Kassebaum, MVP

Easy Port for Android Phones

TierneyWith RAD Studio XE5 we were able port our existing software from iOS to Android in a matter of days, not months and with 90% code reuse. Unlike out competitors who use inferior HTML/JavaScript development tools, our applications are NATIVE and FAST and have access to all of the operating system APIs and features.

Andrew Tierney, CEO
CastleSoft Pty Ltd

Android Plus iOS

With RAD Studio XE5 I offer Android app support, to complement the existing iOS app support for customers of my Windows and Mac software, enabling them to see up-to-date information, anywhere, anytime, via a multitude of mobile devices (tablet as well as phone)! I am able to do this all from the one development PC, compiling straight to my Mac via the LAN and sharing the same code base and methods.

One Team Across Platforms

PalmerioRAD Studio XE4 allows us to consolidate our application development into just one team, independent of which platforms or what devices we will distribute to. Since the application will be optimized on one source code base it will facilitate maintaining that code in the future. This consolidation allows us to reduce our project costs and development time so the product can be brought to market faster and, even better, it can take advantage of each type of device capability.

Paulo Sergio Palmerio, Director
Presence Tecnologia e Aplicativos Ltda

Build Apps for Android Phones

With RAD Studio XE5 I can now design many interesting apps with 3D animation for Android phones like HTC One X, SONY, and Samsung S3.

Bill Chiang, PM

Fastest Way to Develop and Test for iOS

VogtIt has never been easier and faster to develop and test Apps for iOS. I tried it many times on Objective-C on Mac but this is not really a logical language – at least for me.

Michel Vogt, Developer
Corvaglia Mould AG

Target the Hottest Mobile Platforms

With RAD Studio, I can now develop for the hottest mobile platforms and meet a larger universe of customers without having to learn new programming environments. It is amazing!

Marcos Antonio Moreira, IT Advisor
Unimed Governador Valadares

Amazing Support for iOS

GalleroiOS support in XE4 is amazing, and the amount of code reuse you get is very high. I've personally migrated a 600,000+ lines of code Excel reader/writer/viewer with just couple of changes, and it is working great. I am really impressed and excited by this release.

Adrian Gallero, product manager
tms software

Native Multi-Platform IDE

In these multi-OS times, Software developers have been eagerly waiting for stable source code reuse from an IDE. Embarcadero has the strategic base technology for future mobile including Android later this year. It is the birth of the first REAL native multi-platform IDE.

Simon Choi, president and chief developer

Boost Sales

SantosWith RAD Studio XE3 we can create and test all kinds of applications. RAD Studio XE3 is the tool that was needed to boost my sales, streamline the development process and raise the technical level of my startup.

Adriano Santos, Operations Director
Get It! Technology

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