Update your Delphi and C++Builder Applications

On April 8, 2014 Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP, one of the most popular operating systems ever. Industry experts estimate that Windows XP is still being used on nearly 30% of PCs. An estimated 500 million computers, kiosks, ATMs and other systems are still running XP. A massive shift forward to newer versions of Windows is expected this year with the end of support.

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Key Focus Areas for Delphi and C++Builder Developers

As your users and customers move forward, this is the time to make sure your Delphi and C++Builder applications support the new Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 features and provide the best experience for your users and customers. We recommend focusing on these key areas as you update your applications. Click the[+] for additional resources in each topic area.


Task Dialog ScreenRebuild your VCL applications

Rebuild your Delphi and C++Builder VCL applications with the latest version of RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder to automatically add support for new Windows 7 and Windows 8 APIs.


64-bit Windows64-bit Windows [+]

Most Windows computers sold today run 64-bit versions of Windows. As your users move forward, why not give them high performance, 64-bit versions of your applications? In many cases it's as easy as a simple 64-bit recompile.


UnicodeUnicode [+]

Ensure that your applications correctly handle global characters, text and currencies. White papers and other resources are available to help you move your apps to Unicode.


User InterfacesUser Interfaces [+]

Delphi and C++Builder now have full support for customizing the look and feel of your VCL applications using styles and themes.


LiveBindingsLiveBindings [+]

With the LiveBindings framework, every component is now data aware. You get fast, easy and no-code binding of user interface controls to object properties or dataset fields.


Modern Language FeaturesModern Language Features [+]

If you aren't using a recent version of Delphi, you may be missing on important new language features like Automatic Reference Counting, Generics, Anonymous Methods and Type Helpers.


Database AccessDatabase Access [+]

With FireDAC, database development is fun again for VCL and FireMonkey with dozens of new capabilities such as live data window, cached updates, local SQL and a powerful in memory dataset. Modernize and extend data-driven apps. Access more data sources, more easily. Update applications that use dbExpress or deprecated/unsupported technologies like the BDE.


Web ServicesREST and Cloud Services [+]

Connect with RESTful web services – New REST Client support makes it easier than ever to connect with RESTful web services from your VCL and FMX applications.


Multi-Device and MobileMulti-Device and Mobile [+]

Move your VCL apps to multi-device by converting to the FMX framework and then compile to Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Or create mobile companion apps, written in Delphi and C++ and compiled to run native on the mobile devices.

Already using the latest version of RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder? Great, you're already on the path with the latest available OS support. If you don't have the latest version yet, click here to download a free RAD Studio trial or see how to buy.