TurboRuby is a complete, integrated development environment built from the ground up to streamline Ruby development with high efficiency coding and visualization tools.

  • Write applications faster and with fewer keystrokes with intelligent Code Completion
  • Easily navigate to where you need to be with Code Navigation and view all of a project's interdependencies with the Dependencies View
  • Merge the power of the command line with the ease-of-use and productivity of an IDE
  • Advanced Ruby CPU profiling with R Optimizer
  • Problem Detection and Correction provides detection of common Ruby coding errors
  • Get a complete, turnkey Ruby runtime environment including databases, Ruby VM, and Gem manager
  • Centralized license management and tool deployment with Embarcadero ToolCloud

Streamlined Ruby Development

Combining the straightforward yet powerful syntax of the Ruby language with advanced productivity tools, TurboRuby streamlines Ruby development while retaining the full dynamic nature of the Ruby language. TurboRuby helps you write programs with accuracy and fewer keystrokes because you no longer need to remember fine points such as object types, methods and method signatures. TurboRuby predicts likely expectations based on conventions and semantics and is able to understand the context of what you are doing.

TurboRuby trial downloads are no longer available. We invite you to take a look at other application development tool and database products from Embarcadero including new HTML5 Builder and RAD Studio.

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