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CONNECT makes your tools smarter and your users experts. Giving your data on-the-fly business context through team collaboration, CONNECT increases productivity, accuracy, and expertise for both database and business professionals. CONNECT's metadata driven tool-tips, rules, hints, and warnings enable users to better build, manage, and analyze data, while effortlessly gaining governance, compliance, and security

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qdvideo1Creating Universal Mappings using Compare

Map between and within conceptual, logical and physical model objects to trace objects upstream or downstream to create true enterprise models. Trace common objects for comprehensive impact analysis. Improve scalability by splitting large monolithic models into smaller models.

qdvideo2Creating Universal Mapping in bulk using Universal Mappings Editor

Implement one-to-many mapping to use data entities in multiple subject-area models.

qdvideo3Using Repository Security Center:

Group level permissions and enhanced LDAP integration allows for streamlined security administration. Repeated Security assignments to individual users are avoided, resulting in fewer errors. Integration with LDAP eliminates the additional step of adding users to groups.

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