Database Performance Optimization

Database Administrators (DBAs) and developers are under increasing pressure to maintain the highest levels of database and application performance. They must balance customer satisfaction and productivity with rising costs and shrinking budgets. Throwing more hardware or resources at the problem is no longer an option. Neither are outages or delays. Optimization tools are needed to ensure that poor-performing code never reaches the production environment - where it is significantly more costly to correct bad SQL or application code.

Optimization Challenges

Database Design
Its starts at the database design layer. It is critical that the database designs conform to relational standards. Schema Examiner is a design or architecture validation tool that looks at the structure of the database to find improper indexing, normalization problems and other relational modeling errors that impact database performance. It not only finds problems, but recommends solutions, saving time and improving productivity during all phases of the database lifecycle.

Development and QA
It is the developer's responsibility to prevent poor-performing SQL code from reaching production in the first place. DB Optimizer is a SQL profiling and validation tool that examines SQL queries to uncover inefficiencies and offers alternatives to improve SQL performance and prevent poor-performing SQL from ever reaching the production environment.