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"Fast-tracking Data Warehouse and BI Projects with Intelligent Data Modeling"
- Claudia Imhoff

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Building a Better Data Warehouse and BI Environment

Information is a company's best asset and today's leading businesses are harnessing it to make real-time critical business decisions that will impact the company's bottom line, meet regulatory deadlines and address customer needs. But, how can companies be assured that the information is always accurate and up to date with data being integrated from disparate sources and with different standards?

IT organizations are required to tackle these data management issues head on and solve the complex issues around designing the infrastructure, ensuring data quality, understanding the source of data and business rules, managing the metadata and extracting and transforming it to standardized formats for a data warehouse. Yet, solving these issues can take many weeks and months while your business users wait impatiently for this critical information.

Cut Implementation Times and Boost Productivity

Embarcadero helps Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse (DW) architects better design, document, and reuse data elements to create a more structured and standardized BI environment. Our tools improve data governance, cut implementation times, reduce data management costs and increase productivity.

Embarcadero provides you with a data modeling platform to help you:

  • Cut implementation times and jumpstart DW projects with pre-fabricated industry data model templates
  • Reduce data redundancy with a standardized enterprise data dictionary
  • Improve data governance by visually tracing source and target mappings with detailed documentation while being able to capture data stewardship, security and compliance information
  • Increase enterprise communication and documentation with online metadata query/reporting tool
"Well constructed data models are significant productivity tools that eliminate redundant design efforts, inconsistent data elements, and inaccurate or incompatible business rules. They promote significant increases to overall project (DW/BI) productivity." – Dr. Claudia Imhoff

Embarcadero Data Modeling & Architecture Tools

  • ER/Studio Enterprise is the ultimate design and modeling solution for enterprise information architecture.
  • ER/Studio Data Architect helps companies discover document, and re-use data assets. It gives data architects the power to easily reverse-engineer, analyze, design and optimize existing databases.
  • Repository gives users real-time collaboration features for sharing and re-using assets across data and business process modeling projects.
  • Business Architect enables users to create a graphical representation of a business from the core concepts that describe the business to the processes that detail how the business operates.
  • Data Lineage gives data management professionals and business users essential insight to the extracts, transformations, and loads of complex enterprise data.
  • Universal Data Models are an industry-specific set of data model templates developed by renowned author and modeling expert Len Silverston which can be used with ER/Studio.
  • MetaWizard allows ER/Studio to integrate with more than seventy other applications by sharing metadata through an import-export capability. Users can integrate metadata across modeling tools, business intelligence, and ETL platforms using industry-standard exchange formats such as XMI, XML and XSD.

To learn more, download our resources from some of the industry's leading authorities on data warehousing and business intelligence or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. an Embarcadero representative today.