RAD Studio XE7 World Tour – See What's New in XE7!

You're invited to join Embarcadero at a live event to see what's new in RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE7.

There is a lot to be excited about with the upcoming XE7 releases including new innovations in multi-device design, enterprise services and developing connected apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, gadgets, and wearables. Don't miss out on these exciting events. Space is limited so register NOW!

Taipei Taiwan August 25
Brisbane Australia August 26
Taichung Taiwan August 26
Kaohshung Taiwan August 27
Melbourne Australia August 27
Hsinchu Taiwan August 28
Sydney Australia August 28
Auckland New Zealand September 2
Seoul South Korea September 2
Daejeon South Korea September 3
Accra, Ghana Africa September 8
New York, NY United States September 9
Paris France September 9
Accra, Ghana Africa September 9
Budapest Hungary September 9
Santa Monica, CA United States September 10
Montreal, QC Canada September 10
Istanbul Turkey September 10
London England September 10
Guadalajara Mexico September 10
Toronto, ON Canada September 11
Vancouver, BC Canada September 11
Beijing China September 11
Amsterdam Netherlands September 11
Mexico City Mexico September 11
Shenzhen China September 13
Prague Czech Republic September 15
Astana Russia September 15
Moscow Russia September 16
Hamburg Germany September 16
Brussels Belgium September 16
Ballerup Denmark September 16
Manchester England September 16
Milan Italy September 16
Ankara Turkey September 17
Warsaw Poland September 17
Barcelona Spain September 17
Ljubljana Slovenia September 17
Aarhus Denmark September 17
Bogota Columbia September 17
Madrid Spain September 18
Rome Italy September 18
Bucharest Romania September 18
Gothenburg Sweden September 22
Ekaterinburg Russia September 23
Stockholm Sweden September 23
Oslo Norway September 24
Wroclaw Poland September 24
Krakow Poland September 25
Poznan Poland October 7
Gdansk Poland October 8