DB Optimizer 2016

Embarcadero® DB Optimizer™ 2016 is an automated SQL optimization tool that maximizes database and application performance by quickly discovering, diagnosing, and optimizing poor-performing SQL code. DB Optimizer empowers DBAs and database developers to eliminate performance bottlenecks by graphically profiling key metrics inside the database, relating resource utilization to specific queries, and helping to visually tune problematic SQL.

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DB Optimizer - Databse Performance and SQL TuningIdentify Performance Bottlenecks Immediately

Database profiling provides a graphical visualization of wait-time analysis, making the SQL causing poor database performance easy to pinpoint. Continuous profiling monitors an entire data source within a configurable span of time. Explain plans are provided for a better understanding of how SQL will be executed and the performance costs. Utilize reporting to allow sharing of information captured during the profiling process.

Index-AnalysisTune SQL like a Pro!

The SQL tuning wizard automatically suggests solutions and provides essential context in tuning SQL code. Color-coded Index Analysis shows used, not used, or missing indexes and offers recommendations for optimum performance. Case Generation enables database optimization by generating all possible cases and finding the best alternative to a given SQL statement by including SQL rewrites and hint injections.

Visually Tackle Complex SQL Queries

DB Optimizer VSTUnique in the industry, Visual SQL Tuning (VST) diagrams turn text-based SQL code into graphical SQL diagrams. This approach helps DBAs and developers understand the impact of SQL statements on the database. The Visual SQL Tuning (VST) diagram displays indexes and constraints on tables and views with table statistics, as well as the joins used in a SQL statement such as Cartesian joins, implied Cartesian joins and many-to-many relationships.

Load-TestingSimulate Production Environments

Load testing verifies performance of existing and alternative SQL queries against the database. Configure queries to run multiple times in parallel and see how they respond to your simulated production environment without the risk of actually testing in production. Explore Best Practices For SQL Load Testing to learn more about how load testing can affect your business.

Become Proactive in Data Governance Compliance

DB Optimizer's ability to identify bottlenecks via database profiling, tune SQL, and load test gives organizations an advantage in ensuring database optimization, uptime, and availability. This functionality gives you the ability to be proactive in identifying performance problems, and complying with Data Governance performance and availability standards.

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