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Software Architect

Visually analyze and optimize software applications

Software Architect for ER/Studio is an object-oriented modeling tool for application architects to visually design and analyze complex software applications. With support for the UML 2.0 specification, Software Architect simplifies the design stage of a project by enabling developers and architects to organize and visualize requirements, subsystems, design patterns, and audit and metrics, of intensive software systems.

The Challenge of Complex System Design

  Complete UML modeling environment

With software applications depending on more, increasingly complex functional and content relationships from a variety of sources, establishing a clear vision of a system's design is a significant challenge.

Application architects face three distinct challenges:

  • Easily organize and visualize all required components of a system design
  • Collaborate with project teams and get projects kicked-off quickly
  • Analyze, measure, and validate project progress and completed work

Underlying these challenges is an expectation for compliance with industry standards, such as UML® 2.0, XMI for UML 2.0, Object Constraint Language (OCL) and query/views/transformations (QVT).

It is essential to understand how a newly designed application will interact with a potential universe of external systems.

Complete UML modeling environment

Software Architect jumpstarts applications with industry-standard patterns and architecture to track metrics and pass audits.

Software Architect is built on the UML® 2.0 specification enabling organizations to adopt a model driven approach to their software design and analysis. Architects and developers are better able to specify, visualize, and document models of entire software systems and increase the automation of tasks around software modeling.

Software Architect provides software developers with a powerful capability to jumpstart projects through predefined patterns and templates which can significantly improve the design and development of high quality software, leading to reduced costs, and greater system adaptability.

Pattern Support

Architects and developers can better automate the quality assurance and design of object-oriented software with audits and metrics that can be easily defined, saved, and reused.

Developers can easily create external documentation for open projects, or from the command line, using pre-defined or custom templates. Teams can track projects, document pattern and profile definitions, or output the results of model audits into a number of different formats including RTF, HTML, TXT and PDF.

Benefits Summary

  • Model driven architecture & standards
  • Jumpstart applications with industry-standard patterns
  • Ensure model quality with audits and metrics
  • Improve project tracking with documentation generation

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