Viewer for ER/Studio provides an interactive environment for accessing ER/Studio data models. This distributable application offers the same sophisticated navigational features of ER/Studio to team members in the organization that want advanced browsing and zooming capabilities but do not require the ability to edit the models.

Model Repository Connectivity

Direct connection to the Model Repository in ER/Studio allows full access to an organization's enterprise model management system. Using the Viewer, individuals can examine any model in the repository in detail, making it easier to communicate across teams and facilitate reuse. Viewer users can not check in or out any objects in the models.

Read-Only Editor Access

Dictionary object and model object editors give a comprehensive script-level picture of the database structure. Using the editors, users can drill down to the associated metadata of specific objects such as entities, attributes, relationships, and views. Read-only restrictions ensure the security of the objects.

Model Print and Layout Capabilities

Easy-to-use features including pan, zoom and relationship navigation allow users to print the model or any associated submodel. The same advanced layout engines in ER/Studio are available in the Viewer. Users can navigate to specific areas of the model or lay out the entire model for printing, according to their requirements.

"Embarcadero's tools have given me a quantum leap in productivity that helps me work faster, smarter, and without error in my finished products."
- Adam Phillip Churvis, president Productivity Enhancement, Inc.