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Get Started with Delphi 10 Seattle

Setting Up Delphi 10 Seattle

RAD Studio - 准备您的iOS和OS X开发环境










在Windows、OS X、iOS和Android上集成Web 浏览器

Integrating the Web Browser on Windows, OS X, iOS and Android

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Delphi 10 Seattle Code Samples

Included with Delphi 10 Seattle are a wide variety of full featured product demos highlighting user interface design, device sensors and services, cloud, enterprise mobility services, parallel programming and more.

The full listing of Delphi 10 Seattle code samples is available at Embarcadero SourceForge for Object Pascal code.

NEW! Windows 10 VCL Controls

Quickly and Easily Bring Your VCL App to Windows 10

Trusted by millions of developers worldwide, the VCL (Visual Component Library) is a set of visual components for rapid development of Windows applications in the Delphi Object Pascal language and standard C++. VCL contains a wide variety of visual, non-visual, and utility classes building GUI, web, database, and console applications.

Additions to the VCL in Delphi 10 Seattle includes a huge update for Windows 10 VCL Controls!

Object Pascal Samples

NEW! Windows 10 Notifications

Easily access the Windows 10 Notification service!

NEW! Android Beacon Service

Turn your Android phone into a Beacon!

New! Android Notifications

Notifications provide a way for your application to get the users attention even when the application is not running.

NEW! AppAnalytics

Understand your users, wherever they are, with AppAnalytics

NEW! Maps

Demonstrates the use of the new TMapView component.

NEW! Bluetooth

A collection of demos using Bluetooth including Beacons, Classic Bluetooth, ExploreDevicesLE, Heart Rate Monitor, and Proximity Client Server

NEW! AppTethering

This application uses TMediaPlayer, TMediaPlayerControl, and TTimer in order to implement the HD media player.

Samples that show you how to leverage REST APIs using the REST component framework and utilize cloud storage, push notification and more with Backend as a Service providers such as Parse, Kinvey and App42

Device Sensors and Services

Samples that show you how to access location data, display ads in your application, support in-app payments, connect to Bluetooth LE devices and add proximity awareness with beacons


Samples that show you how to build applications using Enterprise Mobility Services Middleware

Google Glass

o Samples that show you how to access Google Glass sensors


Samples that show you how to access on-device music files for playback and image files for editing and sharing

Parallel Library

Samples that show you how to run application tasks in parallel, taking advantage of multiple CPUs


Samples that show you how to add physics support to your applications

User Interface

Samples that show you how to add slide-in drawer support, work with list components, access custom keyboards, design setting screens, add tab slide transitions and more

Code Snippets

Ready to Use Mobile Code Examples

A complete listing of available code snippets is available at the Embarcadero SourceForge for Object Pascal Snippets.

NEW! 在Android和iOS上开始使用IBLite和FireDAC

Embed local database in your mobile applications.

NEW! 在iOS和Android上开始使用通知服务

Easily add location support to your application with a Location Sensor Component.

NEW! 在iOS和Android上开始使用通知服务

Notifications provide a way for your application to get the users attention even when the application is not running.

NEW! 在iOS和Android上利用ShareSheet共享图像和文本

Access the camera and share pictures and text using common share platforms like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, email, etc.

NEW! 在Windows、OS X、iOS和Android上集成Web 浏览器

The TWebBrowser component gives your apps the ability to let your end users view web documents or navigate the web in the application.

NEW! Android Intents

This sample demonstrates how to register an Android intent action.

Full Sample Applications

FirePhoto App and PhotoEditor Demo

FirePhoto app

The FirePhoto iOS app in the iTunes App Store is a commercial app based on the Photo Editor sample app in RAD Studio.

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Photo Editor Demo Source Code: DelphiC++

Step-by-Step Written How-To

First FM App

Creating your first FireMonkey desktop application

See tutorial >

Taking and Sharing Photos

Taking and Sharing a Photo on Android and iOS.

See tutorial >

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UI Guidelines, Whitepapers and More

Apple Guidelines

Building apps that adhere to Apple's guidelines

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Delphi Mobile Dev Whitepaper

The Delphi Language for Mobile Development.

Download Tech Paper >

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