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SpeakerBiographySession Topics
Alexeev, Alexander
EurekaLab s.a.s.

Alexander Alexeev started working with Delphi while still being in the university. After receiving master of mathematics degree, he took several Delphi jobs, until he found himself in the EurekaLab s.a.s. company, where he is working on development and support of EurekaLog for Delphi/C++ Builder. Alex lives in the Russian Federation and has a personal blog, where he writes online articles on Delphi (some of them are available in English at eurekalog.blogspot.com). His favorite topics are debugging-related.

Babet, Bruneau

Bruneau Babet is a programmer with Embarcadero Technologies. He joined Borland in 1989 and has worked on various frameworks and tools from Borland/Inprise/CodeGear and Embarcadero.

Balasubramanian, Sriram

Sriram Balasubramanian is a Principal Engineer on the InterBase team at Embarcadero Technologies. He has been with Borland and then with Embarcadero since 1996 working on various subsystems of InterBase. He currently leads the InterBase Engineering team, and has a special interest in all things database related.

Cantu', Marco
Wintech Italia

Marco Cantu is the author of the best-selling Mastering Delphi series and in the recent years he has self-published books on the latest versions of Delphi, including his Delphi 2010 handbook. Beside training and consulting on Delphi, Marco is available for consulting on Web architectures and the integration of Delphi projects.You can read Marco's blog at http://blog.marcocantu.com , follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/marcocantu, and contact him on Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

Christie, Alister

Alister Christie has been developing software for the real estate industry in New Zealand for the last 10 years.  In his spare time, he on occasion produces videos on Delphi-related topics for his website codegearguru.com.  Alister also enjoys reading (usually IT-related stuff) and listening to audio books at about 2.5 times normal speed.

DeLong, Mathew

Mat DeLong is a Senior Software Developer on the RAD Studio team at Embarcadero Technologies. He has been with Embarcadero since 2005, having worked out of both the Toronto and Romania offices. He currently works on DataSnap, and has a special interest in REST, Cloud and mobile development.

Gabrijelčič, Primož

Gingter, Sebastian

Sebastian P.R. Gingter is a developer evangelist at RemObjects Software, and an international trainer, coach and consultant on .NET and Delphi development. Combining RemObjects products with his enthusiasm for new technologies, he helps developers make their software development more efficient, more fun and tear down the walls between different development platforms. You can contact him at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

Hodges, Nick
Gateway Ticketing Systems

Nick Hodges is the Product Development Manager for Gateway Ticketing Systems in Boyertown, PA. A former Delphi R&D Manager and Product Manager, Nick has been using Delphi since the very beginning. He's spoken at numerous conferences and user groups all over the world and is a former member of the BorCon Advisory Board. He's written countless articles, blog posts, and book chapters on a wide range of Delphi topics. Nick lives in Gilbertsville, PA with his wife and three children.

Jensen, Cary
Jensen Data Systems

Cary Jensen is one of the world's leading authorities on ClientDataSets, is the best selling author of more than 20 books on software development, and winner of the 2002 and 2003 Delphi Informant Reader's Choice Award for Best Training. A frequent speaker at conferences, workshops, and seminars throughout much of the world, he is widely regarded for his self-effacing humor and practical approaches to complex issues. Cary has a Ph.D. from Rice University in Human Factors Psychology, specializing in human-computer interaction.

Konopka, Ray
Raize Software

Ray Konopka founded Raize Software in 1995. Today, he serves as Raize Software’s President as well as Chief Architect for the company’s CodeSite and Raize Components products. Ray is also the author of the highly acclaimed Developing Custom Delphi Components books and has published numerous magazine articles on software development. Ray specializes in user interface design and custom component development. An engaging presenter, Ray is a frequent speaker at developer conferences.

Lefebvre, Jeff

Jeff Lefebvre is the Lead Developer at Skyline Aviation Software, located in Winnipeg Manitoba. His responsibilites include directing and leading a team of developers, as well as development of projects for Win32 and Web. Responsibilities also include leading meetings on software development techniques and improving efficiency in the workplace.  With VGScene, the predecessor to FireMonkey, he is currently building products for the LAN gaming community during his free time.  This experience gives him a good perspective on the differences of FireMonkey over VCL.  Jeff is currently building tools alongside Simon Stuart, one of which is aimed to help migrate projects from VCL and VGScene to FireMonkey.

Leonov, Vsevolod

Vsevolod Leonov is a programmer for the last 15 years. He started his IT carrier 15 years ago as a C++/Pascal trainer at Moscow Bauman State Technical University, Russia (www.bmstu.ru). He also worked as a Delphi/C++Builder trainer at one of the largest Russian Education Centers named “Specialist” (www.specialist.ru). In parallel, he developed some scientific software with Delphi/C++Builder in gas dynamics. A year ago, Vsevolod joined Embarcadero as a sales engineer & evangelist, Russia & CIS. His particular interest is new capabilities in Delphi/C++Builder providing better performance of the UI.

Love, Robert
State of Utah

Robert Love is a development team lead at the State of Utah's Department of Technology Services. He has been working with Delphi since it was first released, and many years of Turbo Pascal before that. He has developed systems using all of the major database platforms. He currently is the President of the Salt Lake City Delphi Users Group and is a frequent speaker at technology conferences and events. He can be followed on his blog at http://robstechcorner.blogspot.com.

Mannarino, Al

Marrero, Cesar

Cesar A. Marrero is a Software Engineer and Project Manager, specializing in rapid project development. Recently retired from the US Air Force, he is currently employed by the State of Louisiana's Court of Appeal, Second Circuit (Shreveport), where he develops case-management software for the court and maintains their official website.  An avid Delphi developer since 1999, he mentors young programmers on both native Delphi and web-based technologies.

McKeeth, Jim
RemObjects Software

Jim McKeeth is a Developer Evangelist for RemObjects Software and host of the Podcast at Delphi.org. He presents on Delphi, .NET, Mac OSX and iPhone development topics and loves to share his passion about software development any chance he gets. Jim is a published author on software development and is a regular presenter at conferences. RemObjects Software provides the Oxygene compiler that powers Delphi Prism, as well as database infrastructure tools for enterprise level scalability across multiple platforms.

Mitov, Boian
Mitov Software

Boian Mitov is a software developer and founder of Mitov Software http://www.mitov.com , specialized in the areas of Video, Audio, Digital Signal Processing, Data Acquisition, Hardware Control, Industrial Automation, Communications, Computer Vision, and Artificial Intelligence.
He is author of the OpenWire open source technology: http://www.openwire.org, the IGDI+ open source library: http://www.igdiplus.org, the VideoLab, SignalLab, AudioLab, PlotLab, InstrumentLab, and VisionLab libraries: http://www.mitov.com, and author of the “VCL for Visual C++” technology: www.mitov.com.

Ohlsson, Anders

Anders Ohlsson is a member of the Embarcadero Developer Relations Department. As such, he writes articles for the Embarcadero Developer Network Web site and hangs out on Embarcadero newsgroups. When he's not in the office, he can be found in an aisle seat on an airplane or at some developer conference, tradeshow, user group, or seminar telling the world why everyone should use the Embarcadero family of products.

Patil, Girish
Gnostice Information Technologies

Girish Patil is the founder of Gnostice Information Technologies, a software firm that provides components for document processing for various file formats such as PDF, Microsoft® Office formats, HTML and others.  These components are available for Delphi, .NET and Java. Girish’s key roles at Gnostice are to envision the software developer technologies and products created at Gnostice and to see that the products created are architecturally superior and that they are just perfect for the discerning and highly knowledgeable software developer.

Rieks, Peter

Peter Rieks is a Senior Product Manager for Embarcadero AppWave. He’s spent more than 25 years in software product management, marketing and business development roles working with companies such as Borland, MapInfo, Vodafone and Autodesk. Peter joined Embarcadero earlier this year to support the launch of AppWave and the growing trend for smarter application management and end-user self-service. Peter is a Danish national, but has been living in the UK and the US for past 21 years.

Rozlog, Michael

Thomas, John

Tierney, Jim

Jim Tierney is a Principal Engineer at Embarcadero Technologies. Since Delphi 3, Jim has helped develop many Delphi and C++Builder features. He is currently working on database features of RAD Studio and Delphi Prism.

Walz, Scott

Scott Walz has more than 15 years of experience in the area of database development and currently serves as the senior director of product management for Embarcadero Technologies. In this position, Scott oversees the direction of the company's DatabaseGear product family, while focusing on database development and administration products. Prior to joining Embarcadero 8 years ago, Scott served as a development lead for Louisville Gas & Electric. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer information systems from Western Kentucky University.

Wildman, Quinn

Zubov, Denis

Denis Zubov started working for Fast-Reports in 2003 and is now a lead developer for Fast Report VCL direction.