It is no coincidence that ERwin users jump to ER/Studio as soon as their maintenance contracts end, and often sooner! Being stuck with an average product with an uncertain future is a liability for any business. Increasingly dissatisfied ERwin data modelers are looking for more than just another data modeling tool.

Do you think the latest release solved the old ERwin problems? Or are you disappointed yet again at what wasn't fixed? ER/Studio continues to come out with updated versions and features including superior reporting, advanced search capabilities, model repository security, agile change management, object and data source mappings, enterprise glossaries, and comments and labels, which are important capabilities that you need.

Data professionals depend on ER/Studio for business-driven enterprise data management. With its advanced Repository for version control, popular Team Server for enterprise glossaries and metadata collaboration, visual Data Lineage and Enterprise Data Dictionary, ER/Studio is the data modeling and architecture solution built specifically to meet the needs of today's data architects.

To learn more about the advantages of ER/Studio, read this white paper written by Ron Huizenga, who made the switch from ERwin to ER/Studio when he was a data consultant.

Migrating from ERwin to ER/Studio is quick and effective.

Watch this short video showing a live migration of an ERwin model into ER/Studio.

These Smart Firms Already Made the Switch

Don't just take our word for what ER/Studio can do for you. Read what some of our customers have to say:

entrust whitepaper


"We had to use a tool like Visio and do everything by hand before. We're talking about thousands of tables with subsequent relationships. Now ER/Studio automates the most time consuming tasks."
-- Jason Soroko, Business Architect at Entrust

catalina whitepaper

Catalina Marketing

"It's exciting that we finally have the tools to keep pace with the data warehousing technology we've had in place all along. Our modeling capabilities are in lockstep with our database now."
-- Kelly Carrigan, Vice President of Data Warehousing and Infrastructure at Catalina Marketing

microsoft whitepaper

Microsoft, Inc.

"With ER/Studio, it's a lot easier to make logical data models that are required for all new data application development."
-- Aaron Hanks, Principal IT Data Architect

newmont whitepaper

Newmont Mining

"ER/Studio helps us ensure accurate, rapid data migration, updates, and retrieval and provide a data warehouse environment that's doing what it's supposed to do."
-- Angie Hastings, Data Architect for Enterprise Data Warehouse, ETL manager, Newmont Mining

entrust whitepaper

Protective Life

"Describing source systems, managing data stores at the subject-area level, maintaining the master data reference and dictionaries, and proving lineage to the data – ER/Studio can do all that and ERwin couldn't."
-- Mark Underwood, Second Vice President of Business Intelligence, Protective Life

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