Business Architect for ER/Studio

Integrated Process and Conceptual Relationship Mapping

Business Architect for ER/Studio gives data architects powerful yet easy-to-use tools that visualize business processes, and how they access data. Business users can easily model and better understand the often-complex relationships between processes, people, and data.

Mapping Complex Data Structures to Leverage Enterprise Data as an Asset

Implement business process modeling

With increasing reliance on multiple data sources, companies of all sizes are rapidly facing more complex, multi-layered and cross-platform challenges when trying to locate, understand, and accurately interpret essential data. In the healthcare sector alone, this challenge costs an average of $70 million every year.

Data management professionals need to find answers that:

  • Make it easy to capture and document complex data structures
  • Easily determine logical and physical relationships between data, people, and processes
  • Clearly and effectively communicate data throughout an organization

47 percent of healthcare executives say their organization cannot interpret and translate their information into actionable insight.

How do data management professionals fully embrace their enterprise data environment to maximize the value of data governance initiatives?

Business Architect offers business process and conceptual modeling for top-down database design to align with business goals and regulatory requirements.

Create conceptual diagrams

With Business Architect, companies can easily document and understand their present day business processes – making it easy to examine, analyze, and recommend changes. After analysis, companies continue to use Business Architect to design and codify changes to processes, and even manage and communicate interim processes used to affect those changes.

Using the conceptual modeling capabilities in Business Architect, it's easy to create a high-level visual representation of a business. This easily-understood model helps data professionals get buy-in and clarification on requirements as they begin a top-down database or business process design.

Business Architect makes it possible to do things such as identify all business processes that modify customer data, or determine which business users will lose productivity when a system outage occurs.

With Business Architect, both business and technical users can more effectively collaborate to ensure compliance with internal business standards and external mandatory regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, or Basel II.


  • Business process modeling based on the BPMN standard
  • Conceptual modeling for top-down database design
  • Align technology with business goals
  • Compliance with government regulations

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