C++Builder 10 Seattle Starter Edition

Embarcadero C++Builder Edición Starter es una estupenda forma de comenzar a crear aplicaciones C++ de alto rendimiento para Windows. C++Builder incluye un IDE simplificado, editor de código, depurador integrado, diseñadores visuales bidireccionales para agilizar el desarrollo, cientos de componentes visuales y una licencia limitada de uso comercial. No incluye drivers ni componentes de bases de datos.

C++Builder Starter key features include:

  • Develop 32-bit Windows application using the C++Builder VCL and FireMonkey frameworks
  • IDE and visual development environment
  • Hundreds of included components
  • License for use until your individual revenue from C++Builder applications or company revenue reaches $1,000 US or your development team expands to more than 5 developers

Getting started on realizing your product vision or getting your startup off the ground can be difficult without seed capital or sales revenue. Outfitting developers with professional level tools can be cost prohibitive before you have product to sell. The C++Builder Starter Edition is both designed and priced to allow individuals and startups to bootstrap their vision until related revenues reach $1,000 at which point a specially priced Professional Edition license can be purchased.

If you're an individual you may use Starter Edition to create apps for your own use and apps that you can sell until your revenues reach $1,000 per year. If you're a small company or organization without revenue (or up to $1,000 per year in revenue), you can also use the Starter Edition. Once your company's total revenue reaches US $1,000, or your team expands to more than 5 developers, you can move up to an unrestricted commercial license with a specially priced Professional edition license. See the Starter Editions FAQs for additional details.

C++Builder is available in Starter, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate, and Architect editions. For details on the differences between the editions, see the Ediciones de productos page and Matriz de Características. Move up to the Professional edition or above to get additional features including VCL source code, multi-device development for Windows, Mac iOS and Android, components and drivers for database connectivity, a full commercial development license, additional coding tools, additional debugging features, unit testing, and much more.