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"Because JBuilder is based on Eclipse, the product has gained a lot of functionality that is very, very useful to us. We get the best of both worlds. We can take advantage of the many Eclipse plug-ins currently available, plus we can continue to use the JBuilder features such as LiveSource, Audits and Metrics. With JBuilder 2007, CodeGear raises Eclipse to the next level with productivity and quality enhancements that help our developers deliver Java applications that meet the needs of our users."
- Kevin Gomes Senior Software Engineer, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

"Swing Designer has been meeting the needs of Java developers since 2004, enabling them to create rock-solid user interfaces for enterprise applications. Combining Swing Designer, part of our WindowBuilder product family, with CodeGear JBuilder gives Java developers an unparalleled and powerful development platform."
- Mike Taylor, CEO, Instantiations

"I found a very smooth, very robust IDE with many innovative features. It's safe to say that CodeGear decided to throw everything it had at this release - and succeeded brilliantly …JBuilder feels solid throughout - a remarkable achievement given its status as a first release on Eclipse."

"…metrics package that is more extensive than any I've seen in any IDE."

"…impressive collaborative features."
- Andrew Binstock, Senior Contributing Editor at InfoWorld

"A common goal of both AppFuse and Application Factories is to reduce the inevitable ramp-up time due to the complexity and number of frameworks typically involved in building new Web applications. Application Factories takes a significant step forward in addressing this issue. It enables developers to take an application-centric approach to development and work in an IDE that is application-aware while continuing to leverage the flexibility and benefits of AppFuse as the underlying project skeleton."
- Matt Raible, Founder and Lead Developer, AppFuse

"Application Factories radically reduces the amount of time it takes to bring our new developers up to speed. Having the complete knowledge of the project evolution along with the source code, all maintained within the IDE, allows our developers to concentrate on real problems without having to worry about non-essential issues. Application Factories integrates seamlessly with our EJB-based middle tier running on JBoss, and our in-house Swing application development framework, and ultimately has given us a way to create a higher starting point and better standard practices for every new project we develop."
- Doychin Bondzhev, owner, dSoft-Bulgaria Ltd.