DB PowerStudio Developer Edition

Everything you need to build and maintain mission-critical database applications at an unprecedented price point.

Step through the debugging process and get best practices along the  way
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The Visual Advantage - Fast, Accurate, SQL Code with Rapid SQL

The rich visual environment found in Rapid SQL streamlines the task of creating SQL code. Rapid SQL includes visual tools for ad-hoc data editing and simple-to-complex query building. Prevent errors with scripting support features such as syntax checking and auto-complete. Quickly produce code with built-in hot keys, column lookup and code templates.

  • Support for all seven database platforms included in a single, affordable license
  • Go global with full Unicode character and enhanced currency support
  • Three new object filtering capabilities
  • On-the-fly SQL syntax alerts, semantic validation, and SQL parsing
  • Full object look-up through-out the SQL statement
  • Code complete with dynamic "walk-throughs"
  • Quick export and import of registered data source information

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Fast, Visual SQL Tuning with DB Optimizer

DB Optimizer takes SQL tuning beyond standard hint injections and SQL rewrites and offers innovative features for faster and more advanced SQL tuning and analysis. Graphical tools, like the Index Analysis feature, let DBAs and developers fully examine SQL execution paths to better understand which indexes are used, not used, or missing.

  • Stream profiling data into a central repository
  • Determine resource usage for stored procedures with visibility into underlying SQL usage
  • Visual SQL tuning diagram displaying indexes and constraints, now enhanced with table statistics

Now  it's easy to compare SQL Server 2005 to 2008 R2, find a missing column and produce the synch script
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Database Change Management Made Simple
with DB Change Manager

DB Change Manager compare, synchronization, and auditing capabilities let you track and report on changes, roll out new releases, and pinpoint performance problems resulting from changes in data, schema and database configuration. By comparing a live database to a schema or configuration "snapshot" administrators can quickly identify changes and correct problems.

  • Manage heterogeneous DBMS environments from a single toolset
  • Compare your development and test servers to quickly identify changes and generate the synch scripts to correct any problems
  • Mask test data in order to comply with privacy laws

Products included in DB PowerStudio Developer Edition:

Rapid SQL

Full-featured SQL IDE helps you write quality SQL faster. This easy-to-use SQL IDE also encourages team collaboration and can connect to source control systems such as Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Visual SourceSafe.

DB Change Manager

Simplify, automate, and report on database changes. Manage database change across development, test and production environments and mask test data to comply with privacy laws.

DB Optimizer

Prevent, find, and fix performance issues via visual SQL profiling and tuning. Eliminate performance bottlenecks and fix in minutes what would have previously taken hours or days.