Repository for ER/Studio Features

Collaborative Modeling
Concurrent Model and Object Access Enables real-time collaboration between modelers working on data models down to object level
Real-time Object Status Notification Real time status icons that show check-out status of diagrams and objects
Change Review and Conflict Resolution Discovery of differences in simultaneous changes between users' models
Project Creation Organize collections of diagrams into named "Projects" and allow security to be wrapped around using roles
Enterprise Data Dictionary Display, access, and reuse common elements across models
Model and Object Version Management
Version Management Manage individual histories of models and model objects to ensure incremental comparison and rollback
Named Releases Allow users to capture diagram snapshots to incrementally freeze project milestones
Agile Change Management Create and track tasks and view version history associated with data models
Repository Security
Manage Repository Security Visual interface to bind and associate users with roles to diagrams, objects and dictionaries
Manage Repository Users Create, update, delete, and deactivate/reactivate users
Manage Repository Roles Create and administer teams with roles mapped to a set of permission to prevent unwanted access or modification to model elements
Administrative User Management Manage users or groups logged in and working in the repository