ER/Studio Team Server Features

ER/Studio Team Server provides greater understanding and context to enterprise data, and fosters collaboration and facilitates communication among users:

Inline Definitions Integrate enterprise business definitions with data management tools and internal web assets into daily workflows, delivering context and meaning to every user
Privacy and Security Alerts Adhere to industry regulations and business standards regarding security and privacy by alerting users who view or modify sensitive data within integrated data management tools
Advanced Search Easily search and filter results for data objects, data sources, glossaries, and terms.
Data Source Registry Generate a tightly integrated information map by relating data models with their data sources and creating a single searchable registry of all available data sources to store information in one place
Data Source Mappings Track and analyze the impact of data model changes back to affected data sources
Centralized Reporting Create and share integrated reports using standard templates and a reporting wizard for ad hoc reports
Team Collaboration Apply enterprise collaboration capabilities to capture and use corporate knowledge to reduce time identifying and correcting expensive data quality issues
Model Sharing Distribute and view models across the organization, and set permissions for visibility of objects
Enterprise Glossary View, classify, relate and centrally store authoritative business definitions in an extensible enterprise glossary of business terms, and track changes with an audit trail
Glossary Hierarchy Create child glossaries that inherit a subset of terms from one or more glossaries to define a tiered structure that can correlate to organizational configurations
Custom Extensions Enhance comprehension of business terms and data elements with custom extensions
Access Controls Easily set permissions for glossaries, terms, objects, and data sources, including list/view, create and update/delete capabilities
Unlimited User Access View, share, and update the enterprise glossaries, business terms, and custom attributes, via the web interface, for any business or IT user

Improve data clarity with a business glossary