Top Reasons to Upgrade

Congratulations! You’ve made a smart choice in choosing to develop applications using Delphi Community Edition. By now, you’ve used the code editor, powerful debugging tools, visual UI designer and hundreds of prebuilt components to learn Delphi and create applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It’s a full-featured IDE, so why upgrade now?


Purchase a paid edition (Professional, Enterprise, or Architect) and relax knowing you have a perpetual license. Rest assured that your developer tools remain licensed and available to continue supporting any applications you’ve created and need to support. In contrast, Delphi Community Edition has a one year license term with periodic dialogs to remind you of the expiration date.

No Annual Revenue Restriction

Delphi Community Edition developers and organizations that earn $5000 USD or more in annual revenues are required to purchase a paid edition. Once you have a paid edition, there are no annual revenue restrictions, so you’re able to sell more copies of your software.


Purchase a paid edition and receive the first year of Update Subscription, which gives you the latest releases, patches, latest platform support and updates. It’s the easy, affordable way to always have access to the latest version. Developers with a current Update Subscription also get access to betas.


Delphi Community Edition does not include technical support. Delphi Community Edition developers are welcome to seek peer support on, but Embarcadero technical support is restricted to paid editions. Professional, Enterprise, and Architect editions on current Update Subscription receive three (3) support incidents annually.

Create Web Service Architecture

Enterprise and Architect Editions include a RAD Server single site deployment license, which allows you to create powerful web service architecture. This is not available in Community or Professional Editions.

Deploy to Linux

Delphi Enterprise and Architect Editions allow you to deploy server side code on Linux.

Remote Database Connectivity

Enterprise and Architect Editions include remote database connectivity. Only local and embedded database support is included in Community and Professional Editions.

When Am I Required to Purchase a Paid Edition?

Delphi Community Edition is provided for freelance developers, startups, students and non-profits with revenues less than USD $5000. Once your revenues reach USD $5000 or local equivalent, or you have five or more developers, your license terms require that you purchase Professional, Enterprise or Architect. Please refer to the 使用許諾 for full terms.

Compare Editions

Compare Delphi Product Editions

Want to program in both Delphi and C++Builder? Compare RAD Studio Editions. (Community Edition is not available for RAD Studio, and you cannot install Delphi and C++Builder Community Editions side by side).


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