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InterBase ToGo Software Subscription License and Support Agreement

1. 範囲

This Software Subscription License and Support Agreement (this "Agreement") is a legal agreement between you, either an individual or an entity, as applicable ("Licensee"), and Embarcadero Technologies, Inc., a Delaware corporation with offices at 10801 North Mopac Expressway, Building 1, Suite 100, Austin, TX, 78759 ("Licensor"). By downloading, installing, operating, or unsealing Licensor's software and/or documentation ("Products"), Licensee is agreeing to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this Agreement and any ordering document (an "Order Form"), the terms of this Agreement will govern and control. Delivery if made by any means other than electronic delivery, shall be made FCA (Incoterms 2010) Licensor's shipping point. If Licensee is evaluating Licensor software, only the provisions of Section 21 below will govern such evaluation.



Licensor grants to Licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license during the License Term as defined in Section 3.1 below (the "License") to install this Product within the country (or in the case of a country within the European Union within the European Union) specified by Licensee's ship to address provided by Licensee in the Order Form for the Product at the time of purchase ("Licensed Country") in accordance with the license type for the ToGo edition of the Product as described in Section 24, provided that in no event shall Licensee create any Work (as defined in Section 2.2.1 below) that is competitive with or offers substantially the same functionality as the Product or any other product or software application commercially offered by Embarcadero. Except where prohibited by applicable law, transfer of the Product into a country (or in the case of the European Union, outside the EU) not identified on the Order Form at the time of purchase is prohibited and will void the license. Temporary usage of a Product outside the Licensed Country or Territory while a user is travelling, is permitted. Certain editions of the Product may include AppWave, ToolCloud and/or InstantOn features. Additional restrictions applicable to those features may be found in supplemental terms accompanying them.



The Product may include certain files, libraries and/or source code specifically designated as "redistributables" by Licensor in the accompanying printed or on-line documentation ("Redistributables") that are necessary to use works ("Works") created using the Product. From time to time, Licensor may designate other files as Redistributables. Licensee should refer to the documentation, including any "readme" or "deploy" files provided with the Product, for additional information regarding Redistributables. Unless otherwise expressly specified in writing in a "readme" or "deploy" file, Redistributables may only be distributed as part of Licensee's Works, in executable, non-source form. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, during the License Term (as defined in Section 3.1 below), Licensee may freely redistribute source code or compiled code that is entirely Licensee's own and does not contain any Redistributables.


Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement including the restrictions of Section 2.2.3, Licensor grants Licensee during the License Term (as defined in Section 3.1 below) the personal, nonexclusive, nontransferable, and limited license to: (a) make exact copies of the Redistributables and distribute those copies solely as components of Licensee's Works and solely as required for permitting end users of the Works ("End Users") to install and execute the Works; (b) install and execute Redistributables, without modification, on computers that Licensee owns or possesses solely for Licensee's own internal use; and (c) sublicense to Licensee's End Users the personal, nonexclusive, nontransferable right to install and execute Redistributables, without modification, solely as components of Works and solely for such End Users' own internal use, subject to End Users' compliance with the restrictions in Section 5 as to Redistributables.


Licensee may not (a) permit Licensee's End Users to modify or further distribute Redistributables or use Redistributables in any program that they create; (b) use Licensor's or any of its suppliers' names, logos, or trademarks to market Licensee's Works, except to state descriptively that Licensee's Work was written using the Product. All copies of the Works Licensee create must bear a valid copyright notice, either Licensee's own or the Licensor copyright notice that appears on the Product, and Licensee may not remove or alter any Licensor copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notice contained in any portion of the Redistributables. Licensee may only distribute Redistributables with Works that add primary and substantial functionality to the Redistributables and are not merely a set or subset of any of the Redistributables, and that are created in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Licensee shall not modify or distribute the Redistributables so that any part of it becomes, or could be interpreted or asserted to be, subject to an Excluded License. An "Excluded License" is one that requires, as a condition of use, modification or distribution, that (a) the code be disclosed or distributed in source code form; or (b) others have the right to modify it.


Except as expressly set forth otherwise in this Agreement, there are no third-party beneficiaries to this Agreement. Consequently, Licensor provides no warranty at all to any person, other than the limited warranty provided to Licensee the original purchaser of the Product, as set forth herein, and Licensee will be solely responsible to Licensee's End Users (or anyone else who uses or acquires Works) for support, service, upgrades, or technical or other assistance (including with respect to any Redistributables included therein), and such persons will have no right to contact Licensor for any services or assistance. Licensee will indemnify, defend and hold Licensor, its licensors, its suppliers and each of their respective employees, officers, directors and affiliates, harmless from and against any claims or liabilities arising out of or related to the use, procurement, reproduction or distribution of Licensee's Works by third parties.


The Product, including Redistributables, may include source code, redistributable files, and/or other files, libraries or components provided by third party vendors and/or open source projects ("Third Party Product"). Use of such Third Party Products is subject to license restrictions imposed by the copyright owner of such Third Party Products ("Third Party Vendor"). Licensee is solely responsible for ensuring full compliance with the license terms for such Third Party Products. Licensee should refer to the on-line documentation (if any) provided with Third Party Products for any license restrictions imposed by the Third Party Vendor. In any event, any license restrictions imposed by the Third Party Vendor are in addition to, not in lieu of, the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


You shall not and you shall not permit your End Users to (a) modify, adapt, alter, translate, or create derivative works of the Redistributables or merge the Redistributables with other software other than as described in the Product's accompanying documentation or as approved of in writing by Embarcadero; (b) lease, rent or loan the Redistributables to any third party; (c) sublicense, distribute or otherwise transfer the Redistributables or any component thereof to any third party except as expressly authorized in this Agreement; (d) reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise attempt to derive the source code of the Redistributables; (e) remove, alter, or obscure any confidentiality or proprietary notices (including copyright and trademark notices) of Embarcadero or its suppliers on the Redistributables; or (f) reproduce or use the Redistributables except as expressly authorized under herein. End User's sublicense rights to the Redistributables are conditioned upon compliance with such limitations.


Contact Licensor for the applicable royalties due and other licensing terms for all other uses or distribution of the Redistributables.

3. 期間


A "License Term" means (A) the initial period of time (the "Initial Term") (i) specified on the Order Form pursuant to which Customer agreed to lease the Licensed Material or (ii) to the extent no such initial period is specified on the Order Form, a one-year period of time, in each case commencing on the Effective Date and (B) all subsequent renewals and extensions thereof effected in accordance with the terms of this Agreement (each, a "Renewal Term").


Upon expiration of the Initial Term and each Renewal Term, all subscription licenses granted under this Agreement shall automatically renew for an additional 12-month Renewal Term and Licensor will invoice Licensee at the then-current subscription-based list price for such additional License Term unless Licensor or its authorized representatives are notified by Licensee in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the Initial Term or then-current Renewal Term, as applicable, that Licensee will not renew the subscription licenses granted hereunder for another Renewal Term.

4. 終了

Licensor may immediately terminate this Agreement without further obligation or liability: (a) with respect to a License, if Licensee fails to pay the subscription license fee due for the License hereunder and continues to be delinquent for a period of thirty (30) days after the last day on which payment is due, (b) if a petition alleging insolvency is filed by or against Licensee and not stayed within 60 days, or a receiver is appointed for any part of Licensee's business, or its assets are assigned for the benefit of creditors; or (c) if Licensee commits any material breach of this Agreement and fails to remedy such breach within thirty (30) days after written notice by Licensor of such breach. The termination of this Agreement shall not affect: (i) the obligation of either party pursuant to any License which has not been terminated, and which shall therefore remain in effect in accordance with its terms; or (ii) the survival of the representations and warranties contained herein. Upon termination for any reason, all licenses and other rights granted to Licensee under this Agreement will cease except for Redistributables distributed as components of Licensee's Works to End Users prior to termination of the Agreement which shall survive subject to the terms and conditions set forth in Section 2.2 above. Within 60 days of the termination of any License, Licensee shall return to Licensor the terminated Product and all related documentation, and copies thereof. Licensee shall promptly certify in writing to Licensor that all copies of the Product have been removed from each computer upon which the Product was installed, and that any copies not returned have been destroyed. In the event of Licensee's failure to pay any fees set forth in this Agreement or any applicable Order Form, Licensor shall be entitled to recover its costs and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys' fees, incurred in any collection efforts or legal action.

5. 権原および知的財産情報

5.1 権原および著作権

Licensor represents and warrants that it has the full rights to license the Product to Licensee and to perform its obligations under this Agreement. All title and copyrights and other industrial, intellectual and marketing rights in and to the Product, including but not limited to all modifications thereto made by or for any person, are owned by Licensor and/or its affiliates and licensors, and are protected by both United States copyright law and applicable international copyright treaties Licensee agrees not to claim or assert title to or ownership of the Product. Except as expressly set forth herein, Licensee may copy the Product during the License Term only for backup or archival purposes, and for no other purpose. Licensee will not remove or alter any copyright or proprietary notice from copies of the Product, and copies made by or for Licensee shall bear all copyright, trade secret, trademark and any other intellectual property right notices on the original copies. All rights not specifically granted to licensee herein are retained by Licensor.

5.2 制限事項

お客様は、本製品にライセンサまたは関連会社ならびにライセンサの貴重な企業秘密が含まれていること、および、本契約がこの情報に関して両当事者の間に信頼関係を構築するものであることを認め、同意するものとします。該当する法令により、お客様は、以下の点に同意するものとします。(a) この制限にかかわらず該当する法令または条約によって明示的に認められた場合を除き、本製品のオブジェクト コードからソースコードを逆コンパイル、逆アセンブル、リバースエンジニアリング、またはその他の方法で導き出そうとしないこと。(b) 第三者に本製品を販売、賃貸、リース、使用権の付与、展示、改変、タイムシェアリング、外部委託、または譲渡せず、本製品の使用を許可しないこと。(c) 内部使用の目的でのみ信頼の下に極秘で本製品を保持および使用し、同じ程度に重要な自身の情報に対するのと同等の、ただし、いかなる場合も妥当な程度の注意および保護により、お客様が本製品を使用することで知り得た本製品およびライセンサの機密情報を不正に使用、コピー、出版、配布させないようにすることで、企業秘密情報の機密性を保持すること。お客様は、ライセンサの書面による同意および適切な米国または外国の政府の許可または許可例外の両方がない場合には、本製品を輸出または再輸出してはなりません。ライセンサは、これらの制限事項について実際の違反または違反の恐れがある場合に、差止救済およびその他の有効な救済を請求する権利があるものとします。第三者によって提供され、本製品に組み込まれたファイル、プログラムまたはデータに対して、これ以外の制限事項が適用される場合があります。詳細は本製品のインストール手順またはリリース ノートを参照してください。お客様は、お客様の従業員、コンサルタントまたは代理人がこれらの条項に違反したと気づいた場合には、直ちにライセンサに報告することに同意するものとします。 6. サポート、保守、機能強化(以下「サポート」)。お客様は、年間サポート費用の一部として、以下に規定するサポート サービスを受ける権利があります。

6. サポート、保守、機能強化(以下「サポート」)

Licensee is entitled to the Support services defined below during the License Term for no additional fee.

6.1 電子的サービス

電子的サービスが利用できる範囲内において、お客様は、年中無休 24 時間受付のサポート サービスに無料で電子的にアクセスできます。かかる電子的サービスには次のようなものがあります(ただし、それに限定されるものではありません)。インシデントの提出、事例管理、および製品リリース。

6.2 サポート

Support shall be applicable only to the Product licensed or sold under this Agreement for which subscription license fees have been paid. Support will not cover any adaptation or modification of the Product made by Licensee or any third party. The email and phone support hours shall be as identified on the Licensor support website.


  1. Make available a regional telephone number or other electronic support to Licensee in order for the Licensee to report Product issues and to receive assistance. Support will include providing licensing assistance. Licensor will analyze the incident and verify the existence of the problem and provide direction and assistance in resolving the incident; and
  2. (b) ライセンサが独自の判断により本製品に施すアップデート、アップグレード、およびその他の変更(以下「リリース」)をすべて提供すること。これらの変更は、サポートに登録されている本製品の他のライセンス取得者にも無償で提供されます。 リリースの要求が受け付けられるのはサポート期間の間だけです。 物理メディアが必要な場合には、追加の費用が発生します。


Licensor is not required under this Agreement to provide any installation, training or other services to Licensee. Such services, if available, must be purchased separately. If Licensor provides Licensee with a new release, error correction, update, upgrade or other modification to the Product, such modification will be deemed part of the Product, and subject to the terms of this Agreement, unless the modification is expressly provided subject to a separate license agreement. Licensor reserves the right at any time not to release or to discontinue release of any Product and to alter prices, features, specifications, capabilities, functions, licensing terms, release dates, general availability or other characteristics of any future releases of the Product.


Upon delivery of a Order Form by Licensee, Licensor shall deliver an invoice to Licensee specifying the subscription license fees payable for the Initial Term. Each year thereafter during the License Term Licensor shall invoice Licensee for all renewal subscription fees due in respect of each Renewal Term. Licensee shall pay all license fees specified in each invoice within thirty (30) days of Licensee's receipt of such invoice, unless otherwise set forth in an ordering document accepted by Licensor in writing. All fees are non-refundable. In the event that Licensee elects to pay any fees due hereunder with a credit card, (i) Licensee is required to provide Licensor with a valid form of credit card payment and to keep all such credit card information current and accurate in respect of all renewal fees, (ii) Licensee shall promptly notify Licensor if its credit card has changed or has been declined and (iii) Licensee hereby consents to Licensor automatically processing and charging all fees due by Licensee hereunder, including all renewal subscription fees, to the credit card submitted by Licensee.

8. 制限付き保証および条件


Licensor warrants and conditions for a period of sixty (60) days that the media on which the Product is furnished will be, under normal use, free from defects in material and workmanship. Licensor also warrants that the Product will perform in all material respects with the operating specifications contained in the accompanying Product documentation, for a period of sixty (60) days from the date of shipment (the "Warranty Period").


If (i) at any time during the License Term the Product contains errors which make the Product unable to perform substantially as described in the accompany Product documentation, or (ii) during the Warranty Period, Licensor breaches a warranty set forth in Section 7.1 above, other than with respect to any indemnification hereunder, Licensor's entire liability and Licensee's exclusive remedy under this provision will be for Licensor to use commercially reasonable efforts to remedy defects covered by this warranty and condition within a reasonable period of time or, at Licensor's option, either to replace the defective Product or to refund to Licensee the pro rata portion of all pre-paid subscription license fees actually paid in respect of the remaining portion of the License Term. Licensor does not warrant or condition that the operation of the Product will be uninterrupted or error-free or that all software defects can be corrected. This warranty and condition shall not apply if (a) the Product is not used in accordance with applicable documentation; (b) Product defect has been caused by Licensee's malfunctioning equipment; or (c) Licensee has made modifications to the Product not expressly authorized in writing by Licensor. No employee, agent, or representative of Licensor has the authority to bind Licensor to any oral representations, warranties or conditions concerning the Product. Any written representation, warranty or condition not expressly contained in this Agreement shall not be enforceable.



9. 限定責任

In no event shall Licensor be liable to Licensee or any third party for consequential, indirect, incidental, exemplary, special or punitive damages from any cause, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, arising out of or in any way connected with the design, manufacture, sale, support or use of the Product. In no event shall Licensor's aggregate liability for damages or claims arising from or related to this Agreement or resulting from the use of the Product exceed the aggregate amount paid by the Licensee to Licensor in respect of the Licenses.

10. 侵害補償


  1. (a) お客様が本製品を使用し続ける権利を入手します。
  2. (b) 本製品を修正するか、互換性があり同等の機能を持つ、権利侵害のない製品に交換します。
  3. If neither (a) nor (b) is reasonably practical in Licensor's judgment, remove the Product and issue Licensee a pro rata refund of all pre-paid license fees actually paid by Licensee for such Product in respect of the remaining portion of the License Term. Thereafter, termination shall proceed in accordance with the terms of Section 4.

Licensor shall have no obligation under this Section to the extent the alleged infringement results from (i) modification of the Product other than by Licensor; (ii) the combination of the Product with products not provided by Licensor; or (iii) use of any older version of the Product when use of a newer version made available to Licensee would have avoided the infringement. This Section 9 is Licensor's entire liability and Licensee's sole and exclusive remedy in the event of intellectual property infringement of any kind.

11. 検査

If you are entering into this Agreement as an entity other than an individual (e.g., as a corporation, a partnership, or other organization), Licensor may, at its expense, audit the number of copies of the Product in use by Licensee, the number of concurrent users using the Product, and the designated CPU(s) on which the Product is installed. Any such audit shall be conducted during regular business hours at Licensee's facilities and shall not unreasonably interfere with Licensee's business activities. If an audit reveals that LICENSEE has underpaid fees to Licensor, Licensee shall be invoiced for such underpaid fees (based on the list prices in effect at the time the audit is completed); and if the underpaid fees exceed 5% of the License fees already paid, then Licensee shall also pay Licensor the reasonable costs of conducting the audit.

12. 譲渡

本契約およびここに定めるお客様の権利、使用許諾または義務は、合併、企業買収、組織改変、外部委託、支配権の変更またはその他の状況に関して、お客様により第三者に譲渡または委譲することができません。 かかる譲渡または委譲の主張はすべて無効であり、本契約の是正不能な違反となるため、本契約とそこでお客様に付与されたすべての権利およびライセンスは自動的に終了します。

13. 米国政府の制限付き権利、輸出に関する法令の順守

米国政府による使用、複製または開示は、FAR 第 52.227-14 Alt. III (g)(3) 条、FAR 第 52.227-19条、DFARS 252.227-7014 (b) または DFARS 227.7202(随時改正される内容を含みます)に記載された制限事項に従います。契約人/製造者は、Embarcadero Technologies, Inc., 10801 North Mopac Expressway, Building 1, Suite 100, Austin, TX, 78759 です。契約通知はすべて、この住所に送付するものとします。お客様は、米国の法律および本製品を取得した地域の法律で認められた場合を除き、本製品をダウンロード、使用、譲渡、輸出または再輸出することができません。特に、以下に対して(ただし以下に限らず)本製品がダウンロード、使用、輸出または再輸出されてはなりません。(a) その時点で米国の経済制裁下にある国(またはその国民もしくは居住者)(現在はキューバ、イラン、北朝鮮、スーダンおよびシリアを含みますがこれに限定されません)。(b) 核兵器、化学兵器または生物兵器、もしくはロケット システム、打上げ用宇宙ロケット、観測ロケットまたは無人航空機システムの設計、開発または製造に本製品を利用することを、お客様が認識しているかまたはそれとわかる正当な理由があるエンド ユーザー。(c) 米国財務省の特別指定国民リストまたは米国商務省の取引禁止業者リストもしくは企業リストに記載されている人または団体。本製品をダウンロードまたは使用することで、お客様は、お客様がかかるどの国にも位置しないこと、その支配下にないこと、その国民もしくは居住者でないこと、またはかかるリストに記載されていないことを表明し、保証するものとします。

14. 分離可能性


15. 通知

いずれかの当事者への通知は、本契約で示された(またはその後改定された)住所に対して書面で行うこととし、受領時または料金元払配達証明付内容証明郵便で送付された場合には消印日の 24 時間後に有効とみなされます。

16. 言及


17. 不可抗力


18. 放棄


19. 存続

いかなる理由により本契約が満了または終了した場合においても、第 1 条、第 4 条、第 5 条、第 9 条、第 11 条、第 13 ~ 21 条の規定は、それぞれの期間に従って存続するものとします。

20. 完全合意



This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas without regard to conflicts of law principles. Licensor and Licensee hereby irrevocably agree on behalf of themselves that the sole and exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any litigation arising from or relating to this Agreement or the subject matter hereof shall be in an appropriate federal or state court in the State of Texas located in Travis County. The provisions of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply.

22. 評価使用権

Licensor is the owner and provider of certain proprietary software and documentation that Licensee desires to have tested and evaluated on the terms and conditions of this Section 22 ("Software"). For a term not to exceed ninety (90) days ("Evaluation Period") without Licensor's written authorization, the Software will be provided solely for evaluation purposes for Licensee's own internal use ("Evaluation") and Licensee is hereby granted a nontransferable, nonexclusive, limited license to operate and use the Software for such Evaluation. The Evaluation Period begins on the date Licensee downloads or unseals the Software. At the end of the Evaluation Period, Licensee shall cease using the Software and remove the Software from its systems. This requirement applies to copies of the Software in all forms (partial and complete) on all types of media and computer memory and whether or not merged into other materials. Licensee agrees not to cause or permit the reverse engineering, disassembly, modification, translation or decompilation of the Software. Licensee shall not copy the Software, or write or develop any derivative software. Licensee shall not release the results of any Evaluation testing or other performance results of the Software conducted under this Section 22 to any third party without Licensor's prior written consent for each such release.

この評価のために提供されるソフトウェアは「現状有姿」で引き渡されるものであり、ライセンサは、商品性および特定目的適合性の保証を含め、いかなる種類のいかなる保証も明確に否認します。ライセンサは、本製品が中断なく動作することまたはエラーが発生しないことを保証しません。本契約の第 5 条、第 9 条、第 11 条 ~ 第 15 条、第 17 条 ~ 第 21 条は、この参照により本第 22 条のもとで付与される評価ライセンスに加えられるものとみなします。

23. ハイリスク活動


24. サードパーティのソフトウェア

本製品に含まれるコンポーネントが、サードパーティのソフトウェア プログラムやライブラリ(ただし別途使用許諾されるコードを除く)(以下「サードパーティのソフトウェア」)を使用または統合している場合があります。ライセンサの第三者たるライセンサまたはサプライヤが、本製品(サードパーティのソフトウェアを含む)中の知的財産権を保護し、その使用の一部を制限することを意図している本契約の規定の第三受益者であることに、お客様は同意するものとします。oss_license_notice.txt ファイルに記載されたコンポーネントは、「別途使用許諾されるコード」とみなされます。別途使用許諾されるコードは、oss_license_notice.txt ファイルに規定されている、または別途使用許諾されるコードと共に提供される、該当するサードパーティの使用契約の条項に従って、お客様に使用許諾されます。お客様は、かかるサードパーティの使用契約の条項に則って、別途使用許諾されるコードを使用するものとします。ライセンサは、別途使用許諾されるコードについて、権原、非権利侵害性または抵触の保証などを含む明示的および暗黙的な保証および条件、ならびに商品性および特定目的適合性の暗黙的な保証および条件を、すべて否認します。 ライセンサは、別途使用許諾されるコードに起因または関連するいかなる申立てについても、お客様に対して責任を負わず、お客様が損害を受けないように防禦、免責することもありません。 別途使用許諾されるコードに関する、データの喪失、コスト削減の喪失および利益の喪失などを含む、直接的、間接的、付随的、特別、懲戒的、懲罰的または偶発的な損害について、ライセンサは責任を負いません。



This Agreement is limited to Products purchased on a ToGo Edition license. If Licensee wishes to acquire a license to the Product on a Server Edition License, Desktop Edition License, Developer Edition License, or other license type offered by Embarcadero, Licensee must agree to Embarcadero's perpetual license agreement available on its website. Under each ToGo Edition license, Licensee may install the ToGo Edition software on a single device and access a single instance of the InterBase ToGo Edition from a single instance of an application running on the same device on which the instance of InterBase ToGo Edition is executing for use by one concurrent user at any one time. InterBase ToGo Edition may only use, on one device, the specific number of CPU cores that are identified in the accompanying documentation for the particular version of InterBase ToGo Edition. Licensee shall provide safeguards to ensure no more than one concurrent user uses the ToGo Edition at any one time. Licensee may not use multiplexing or connection pooling software or hardware to reduce the number of users directly connected to the ToGo Edition software, the number of users installing or using ToGo Edition shall be measured as the number of distinct inputs to the multiplexing or connection pooling front end. Licensee's user may not connect to the ToGo Edition software via an unrestricted-access Internet application. Licensee has the right to distribute Works developed on a ToGo Edition license to the supported mobile platforms to unlimited users on unlimited devices.


The ToGo Edition license licensed under this Agreement may only be purchased if Licensee cumulative annual revenue (of the for-profit organization, the government entity or the individual developer) or any donations (of the non-profit organization) does not exceed USD 20 Million (or the equivalent in other currencies) (the "Threshold"). If Licensee is an individual developer, the revenue of all contract work performed by developer in one calendar year may not exceed the Threshold (whether or not the ToGo Edition is used for all projects). For example, a developer who receives payment of $20 Million for a single project (or more than $20 Million for multiple projects) even if such engagements do not anticipate the use of the ToGo Edition, is not allowed to enter into this Agreement. In addition, a developer building solely an app store application would not be allowed to use this Agreement once the app store revenue reaches a revenue of $20 Million or more in a year. If Licensee is a company that has a cumulative annual revenue which exceeds the Threshold, then Licensee is not allowed to enter into this Agreement, regardless of whether the ToGo Edition is used solely to write applications for the business' internal use or is seen by third parties outside the company or has a direct revenue associated with it. If Licensee does not qualify to license the Products under this Agreement or otherwise satisfy the additional terms and restrictions applicable to the ToGo Edition described in this Section, Licensee's may not download or use the ToGo Edition and any such use is unauthorized, constitutes a violation of this Agreement and may constitute a misappropriation of Licensor's intellectual property rights.

25.3 暗号化

InterBase ソフトウェアは、暗号化を含み、本契約の第 13 条に説明する米国商務省輸出規制の対象品目になっています。


サードパーティ製アプリケーションの一部としてサードパーティから InterBase を入手された場合には、Call Home 機能が含まれている可能性があります。この機能では、ソフトウェアが一度だけ Embarcadero 製品登録システムに自動接続し、ライセンスが使用されていることと、そのオペレーティング システムを記録します。


Subject to Licensee's acceptance of the terms of this Agreement, Licensee may receive a free license to InterBase Lite Edition, subject to Embarcadero's standard freeware license agreement as in effect from time to time and published on the website at

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