General Questions

What is J Optimizer 2009, who would use it, and why?

J Optimizer provides Java developers with a comprehensive environment for optimizing application performance and managing application quality throughout the development lifecycle of Java SE and Java EE applications. Key features include the ability to profile memory and CPU usage, display real-time threading information, determine executed and non-executed lines of code, and obtain detailed code audits and metrics data. J Optimizer also includes the Request Analyzer to track performance bottlenecks at the JDBC, JMS, JNDI, JSP, EJB, CCI, and Web Services level.

How much does J Optimizer 2009 cost?

Pricing for J Optimizer varies based on license type, whether you are purchasing a new or upgrade license. Please visit the Embarcadero online store, contact Embarcadero Sales at 1-888-233-2224, or search our Partner Directory to locate an authorized Embarcadero Reseller in your area.

Are there different editions of J Optimizer 2009 available?

No, not at this time.

What are the licensing options for J Optimizer?

J Optimizer can be licensed under one of three license options: Workstation (Named) User, Network Named User, or Network Concurrent. For more information on each of these license types, please visit the Embarcadero Licensing Options page on our Web site.

J Optimizer looks a lot like Borland® OptimizeIt™, are they related?

As part of the CodeGear acquisition, Embarcadero acquired the Borland OptimizeIt development team and licensed the OptimizeIt source code from Borland. Embarcadero J Optimizer is the next generation Java Optimization tool based the original award winning Borland OptimizeIt technology.

If I currently have Borland® OptimizeIt™, will Embarcadero offer any migration path?

Please contact Embarcadero Sales at 1-888-233-2224 to discuss possible migration options.

Can I get support and maintenance for J Optimizer 2009?

Yes. Support and Maintenance can be purchased separately from an Embarcadero sales representative, an authorized Embarcadero reseller, or by visiting the Embarcadero on-line store at

Is J Optimizer part of Embarcadero® All-Access™, and if so which levels include it?

J Optimizer is part of All-Access, and will be included in all four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Technical Questions

What J2SE and Java EE versions does J Optimizer 2009 support?

  • J2SE 1.3, J2SE 1.4, J2SE 5.0 (1.5) and J2SE 6.0 (1.6)
  • J2EE 1.4, Java EE 5

Which Java Application Servers does J Optimizer support?

J Optimizer 2009 supports integration with most of the leading commercial and open source Java application servers, including:

  • Apache Geronimo 1.1.1
  • Apache Geronimo 2.0
  • Apache Tomcat 5.0
  • Apache Tomcat 5.5
  • Apache Tomcat 6.0
  • BEA WebLogic Application Server 9.2 MP3
  • BEA WebLogic Application Server 10.1 MP1
  • IBM WebSphere 6.1
  • IBM WebSphere 6.1 with EJB 3 Feature Pack
  • JBoss 3.2.6
  • JBoss 4.0.5
  • JBoss 4.2
  • JBoss 5.0
  • Oracle Application Server (support for J Optimizer agent only)
  • Sun GlassFish V1.1 UR1
  • Sun GlassFish V2.0 UR2
  • Jetty 6.1 (support for J Optimizer agent only)

What Operating Systems is J Optimizer 2009 supported on?

  • Microsoft Windows XP (SP 3)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista SP1
  • Mac OS X (10.5, Leopard)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

Can I use J Optimizer to profile an application that is running remotely?

Yes. Using the J Optimizer Agent you can profile applications running on a remote (e.g. not on the same machine running J Optimizer) application server, and in real-time view the collected data in the J Optimizer IDE running on your local desktop. The J Optimizer Agent works with the two standard JVM profiling interfaces: either the Java Virtual Machine Profiler Interface (JVMPI) or the Java Virtual Machine Tool Interface (JVMTI).

Can I collect data on the Java threads in my application?

Yes. The Thread Debugger in J Optimizer provides a real-time display of the progress of all threads running within the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), the ability to monitor wait-states and locks, and even predict potential deadlock conditions in the code.

Can I get precise, drilldown information about the performance of my Java EE application?

Yes. The Request Analyzer in J Optimizer profiles the performance behavior of Java EE application code across common Java EE components such as JDBC, RMI, JSP, JNDI, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), JMS, and Web service protocol containers.

How can I use J Optimizer to help determine the quality of my code?

The Audits and Metrics capabilities in J Optimizer helps address code quality, code review, and code dependency issues typically faced in software development. J Optimizer's Audits perform a static analysis of source code, identifying coding problems like potential race conditions, unchecked exceptions and more. Using Audits also help insure that the code adheres to company standards, guidelines, and specifications. J Optimizer's Metrics provide a similar analysis for project design problems. Using advanced code Metrics the quality and complexity of the code structure is easily determined.

I code in the latest Eclipse IDE, can J Optimzer help me optimize my code?

Yes. J Optimizer runs in its own environment and is independent of the Eclipse environment your code is in.

Can I measure the impact of the changes I am making to the code, to track the improvement in performance?

Yes. Using the Snapshot tool and Progress Tracker, you can continuously monitor and measure the impact of performance changes by comparing visual snapshots. The Snapshot tool captures all the data from a particular test run, which can then be analyzed in the product that generated it, such as Profiler, Code Coverage, or Request Analyzer. The Progress Tracker enables you to visually compare, monitor, and measure the impact of performance changes by comparing visual snapshots from Profiler, Code Coverage, and Request Analyzer snapshots. You can also generate reports that can be exported in PDF and HTML format.

Where can I get more information about J Optimizer 2009?

Visit the J Optimizer home page for more information, including a full feature matrix for a more detailed list of the features and capabilities in this product.