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Universal Data Models Features

The industry-specific data model templates for Integrated Corporate Models

Subject Area Corporate Models
Frameworks and reusable constructs for common corporate subject areas to jumpstart specific modeling efforts or to define a common data model. Includes full descriptions of entities and attributes with primary keys and foreign keys (where applicable) defined for each entity
People and Organizations For entities such as Party, Party Role, Organization, Person and Postal Address
Product For entities such as Product, Service, Good, Feature Type and Inventory Item
Orders and Agreements For entities such as Order, Agreement, Requirement, Quote and RFP
Shipments and Deliveries For entities such as Shipment, Receipt, Issuance, Shipping Document and Shipment Route Segment
Work Effort and Project Management For entities such as Work Requirement, Work Effort, Time Entry and Rate Type
Invoice and Time Billing For entities such as Invoice, Billing Account, Payment and Financial Account
Accounting and Budgeting For entities such as General Ledger Account, Accounting Transaction, Budget, Budget Scenario and Planning Transaction
Human Resources For entities such as Employee, Position, Responsibility Type, Skill Type, Salary and Benefit
Web and e-Commerce For entities such as User Preference, Web Address, Object Content Frame, Server Hit and Web Visit
Industry-Specific Models
Jumpstart modeling efforts within a particular industry or define a common data model. Models below include all Subject Area Corporate Models that are integrated into the industry constructs. Includes full descriptions of entities and attributes with primary keys and foreign keys (where applicable) defined for each entity
Repository for Banking, Investments and Financial Services For entities such as Account, Investment Vehicle, Security, Saving Account, Objective, Risk Analysis, Performance Characteristic Type, Yield Type, Financial Position, Mortgage, Scheduled Payment Due, Financial Agreement and Account Notification
Repository for Healthcare For entities such as Patient, Insured Party, Insurance Provider, Hospital, Medical Office, Health Care Visit, Health Care Episode, Claim and Settlement
Repository for Insurance For entities such as Insurance Agency, Payor, Insurance Product, Coverage Level, Coverage Type, Actuarial Analysis, Rate, Application, Quote, Insurance Policy, Premium Schedule and Claim
Repository for Manufacturing For entities such as Distribution Channel, Part, Raw Material, Part Specifications, Engineering Changes, Manufacturing BOM, Manufacturing Order and Process Plan
Repository for Professional Services For entities such as Professional Resource Requirement, Skill Type, RFI, RFQ, RFP, Engagement, Engagement Rate, Professional Assignment, Service Entry and Work Effort
Repository for Telecommunications For entities such as Telecommunications Carrier, Regulatory Agency, Network Component, Network Assembly, Deployment and Service Order
Repository for Travel For entities such as Traveler, Travel Preferences, Travel Reservation, Ticket, Sale, Scheduled Transportation, Accommodation Class and Travel Experience