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Data architecture has evolved well beyond traditional relational modeling, and Embarcadero is committed to expanding and improving the capabilities of ER/Studio to address the industry needs for flexibility and visibility across the organization. ER/Studio XE7 enables both data and business professionals to access and understand their data and related metadata, with better awareness of what changes are made and how those changes affect their business-driven data architecture.

New ER/Studio XE7 FeaturesData ArchitectData Architect ProfessionalEnterprise Team
Usability improvements New ‘Start Here’ welcome page with dynamic content (such as how-to videos) improves the user experience and shortens learning ramp-up time      
Automated naming standards Automated application of naming standards between logical and physical models ensures consistency      
Agile change management The ability to create and track tasks associated with data model changes enables users to keep data models relevant with fast-changing databases and applications    
Glossary enhancements
  • Changes to glossaries and terms can be tracked with detailed audit trail histories
  • Glossary hierarchies with inheritance allow creation of child glossaries that can inherit a subset of terms from one or more glossaries, to create tiered structures that correlate to organizational configurations
  • Integration with the ER/Studio Data Architect data dictionary allows modelers to see glossary terms and definitions in real-time for consistency
  • Ability to make mass updates to a subset of glossaries and terms (instead of all at once or one at a time) using CSV modifications
Advanced search updates Enhanced browse and search capabilities for glossaries, terms, data sources and data objects enable better granularity for finding and filtering specific information in the Team Server repository  
Data source mapping Identify and analyze data source impacts resulting from model changes