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From independent software vendors (ISVs), systems integrators (SIs) and VARs to government organizations, OEMs, and IT and R&D groups within large enterprise teams, Embarcadero tools empower developers and database professionals to design things right, build them faster, and run them better.

Explore how a few of our customers are using Embarcadero award winning, best-in-class tools to develop innovative new applications, facilitate fluid collaboration between development roles, and improve individual and team productivity.

Accolade, a leading provider of Professional Health Assistant services, chose Embarcadero ER/Studio over ERwin to improve collaboration across the organization and simplify the process of putting standards in place, while reducing defects.

pitney bowes logo

Pitney Bowes is a $5.3 billion company with over 28,000 employees, serving both large corporations and small-to-medium-sized businesses in more than 100 countries. With a complex SQL Server environment spread across multiple servers and databases, it was becoming difficult to maintain optimal performance. DB Optimizer helped reduce the time it took to run one critical process from 4-5 days each, to less than half a day. The company is also using Embarcadero's AppWave to speed deployment of DB PowerStudio to its employees.

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Entrust provides identity-based security solutions for strong authentication, fraud detection, digital certificates, SSL and public key infrastructure (PKI) to more than 5,000 organizations spanning 60 countries. The company needed to document and reverse engineer complex data structures. With ER/Studio, the company has been able create concise database object documentation from physical and logical levels to save months of time. The company is also using Embarcadero's AppWave to speed deployment of ER/Studio to its employees and contractors.


Catalina leverages one of the world's largest, transaction-level, shopper-data warehouses to develop, deliver and measure shopper and patient-driven engagements; it also supports hundreds of large, complex databases as well as operational and BI applications. The team needed to replace legacy tools to enable capabilities specific to Netezza, and, with ER/Studio, implemented state-of-the-art modeling tools that will keep pace with Catalina's advanced data warehousing environment.


Newmont Mining is one of the world's top producers of gold and other precious metals. Newmont's Systems Analysts were frustrated with the limitations of the team's existing data modeling toolset, CA ERwin, and how it interacted with the data warehousing platform, Teradata. They looked into the model merge capability of Embarcadero ER/Studio and discovered that it, and many other features, help to increase the team's efficiency and productivity.


Protective Life, a Fortune 1000 company, has been in business for more than 100 years, providing innovative insurance solutions and investment products that help its clients achieve and maintain financial security. They switch to Embarcadero ER/Studio to Implement a central data repository and consolidate to a single enterprise-wide data management platform.


CCBR-Synarc, the world's leading provider of medical image analysis services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, uses Embarcadero's AppWave to deliver DB Artisan and Rapid SQL to DBAs and Developers. Synarc experiences streamlined management of multiple database platforms (with the XE version), time savings, and increased productivity.


Fidelity Information Services (FIS), a member of the S&P 500, has been named the number one overall financial technology provider in the world by American Banker and Financial Insights (FinTech 100). FIS chose DB Optimizer to ensure faster database response times, save hundreds of hours of performance tuning time, and increase collaboration between DBAs and developers..

DBA Consulting
A large West Coast warehouse grocery store chain needed to upgrade their HQPM pricing application after acquiring another large grocery chain. Change Manager reduced the upgrade project by eight weeks and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in man hours.
Fortune 500 Financial Services Company
A Fortune 500 financial services company used the ER/Studio Enterprise Portal's advanced search and reporting tools to mine metadata and make critical business decisions to launch a new business unit, while improving collaboration and reducing data redundancy.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute An oceanographic research institute selected JBuilder for their development tool allowing them to quickly and easily test and deploy applications that run reliably on both open source and proprietary server products.

ManagementPlus Healthcare Information Systems A managed healthcare provider takes advantage of advanced Delphi features to implement a flexible, modular architecture to respond quickly to new customer requirements and improve customer satisfaction.

Labrador Technologies, Inc A large oil and gas data retrieval company uses 3rd Rail to build their subscription-based, web-based application with a desktop look-and-feel to provide easy access to data from over 700,000 Canadian oil wells

Fortune 50 Financial Company
A Fortune 50 company needed to restate several years of financial data, which also uncovered the company's metadata challenge. Using Embarcadero ER/Studio, the team achieved and exceeded its goals within with a short project timeline of 90 days. and two years later, continues to record benefits derived from ER/Studio.

Luxury Link A luxury online travel provider uses Rapid SQL to achieve faster response times resulting in a richer customer experience and increased development productivity with a centralized repository for stored procedures.

Euclid Technology By building ClearVantage Euclid's integrated CRM, ERP, eCommerce and Web Content management, on Delphi, they became the first in industry to run on Vista and XP and compete successfully with companies with 10x larger development teams.

Idea Integration
An IT consulting and systems integration firm uses ER/Studio to better support the data management needs of its clients with increased visibility, consistency, and integration and address their database requirements via data lineage tracking and documentation with additional security management and capacity planning functionality.

Val Morgan
A cinema advertising provider used Rapid SQL and DB Artisan to simplify data migrate from a home-grown system to a standardized platform and gained improved cost efficiency no learning curve for IT team because of Embarcadero's cross-platform capability.

The United Federation of Danish Workers trade union used ER/Studio to effectively lower administration costs of integrating data, increase utilization of data assets, and better help the team understand and utilize their data.

Intricad logo

Intricad uses Delphi to virtually put museum art in the hands of visitors with interactive 3D image scanning solution.


Bremmers Audio Design
Bremmers Audio Design Windows developers use FireMonkey and Delphi XE2 to make MultitrackStudio, their music software, available on Mac OS X. The deployment of the application to Mac OS X takes only about 20 seconds.

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bit Time
bit Time uses Delphi XE2 DataSnap Connectors and InterBase database for android development to create Connect 4 android game. Connect 4 has been downloaded 50,000 times and their players are from all around the world.

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Porter Lee
Porter Lee uses Visual Studio with Delphi XE2 and FireMonkey to deliver BEAST, the leading police evidence management system in the United States, on Windows, Mac and iOS.


Erply uses Delphi XE2 with FireMonkey to deploy their application to both Windows and Mac OS X. They also used FireMonkey the design their POS system's User Interface, allowing them to provide a rich user experience to their customers.

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Stop Motion Pro
Stop Motion Pro uses Delphi to deliver stop motion animation software to film production companies around the world. Stop Motion Pro has been used in movies such as "Wallace and Gromit" and "The Pirates! Band of Misfits".