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MARAND d.o.o.

Type: Reseller

World Region: EMEA

Description: Marand is a customer-centric company providing flexible, standard-based solutions for service providers worldwide, while establishing a global network of partnerships with leading international system integrators and technical consultants, as well as providers of complimentary hardware and software products. Based on the success of its project teams, long-term engineering agreements have been formed with several international companies. The software engineering and system integration capabilities of Marand are based on ISO 9000-3 standards.

Products: ALL

Servicing Country(ies): Slovenia

Contact Info

Address 1: Koprska ulica 100

City: Ljubljana

Post Code: 1000

Email: Info@marand.si

Website: http://www.marand.si/partnerji/embarcadero

Phone: +386 1 470 31 00