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Introducing Embarcadero’s DB Team Server and Performance IQ add on for Rapid SQL 2016

DB Team Server (Included)

Work Smarter. Get Team-Enabled.

With Developers struggling to keep pace with the explosion of data, data sources and rapid development cycles, productivity solutions are becoming paramount. Being able to access information from team members across your organization save you time and keeps you ahead of the game. With DB Team Server, you’ll have a holistic view of the enterprise database landscape and the ability to streamline communications between teams.

Embarcadero® DB Team Server provides:

  • Manage and analyze corporate data assets
  • Monitoring and alert notifications
  • Improved responsiveness with insights into availability, performance and storage.
  • Easy access to highlighting utilization statistics and data volumes
  • Shared password locker
  • Share data source repositories
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DB Team Server

New Performance IQ Add-On

Got Database Performance Anxiety?

Developers spend a lot of time on their SQL editor screens spending countless hours developing and debugging code. While there are a lot of ways to develop code, most developers appreciate helpful tips and alerts to optimize code and their time.

We’ve developed a tools called Performance IQ that all developers should use. It provides a deep investigative probe into the performance of SQL statements while providing visibility and insight as to how syntax, cardinality, index usage and data skew affect and vary performance over time and in a variety of situations

Performance IQ Features and Benefits:

  • Amplify performance metrics visibility and analytic insights
  • Determine how SQL changes affect performance
  • Better use of indexes
  • Focus on data and its effect on SQL performance
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Rapid SQLFeatureBenefit
DB Team Server Included Streamline Communication & Knowledge Sharing Centralized data source registry for simplified management and access. Collaboration tools allow DBAs to monitor activity streams and capture knowledge with access to centralized data source registries for simplified management and access.
Performance IQ Add-On Amplify Performance Metrics & Analytic Insights Embedded performance metrics & analytics across DBArtisan to provide deeper database insights, which ultimately allow you to work smarter & faster. Whether it’s quickly understanding the top SQL statements impacting IO, table and index growth history or the effect of noisy neighbors, these insights offer huge time savings.
Performance IQ Add-On Determine how SQL changes have affected performance See how SQL has performed over time and its wait types have evolved as changes have been made.
Performance IQ Add-On Better use of indexes Show the cardinality and data skew affecting index individual column effectiveness. Suggest new covering indexes if the current indexes produce poor performance.
Performance IQ Add-On The focus on data and its effect on SQL performance Determine how column cardinality varies SQL performance by show howing data skew affects run time, provide best and worst case values, show table sizes and expected scan rates and automatically rerun queries using worst case data skew values.

Gain Vital Insights with Centralized Database Inventories

DB Team Server provides simplified inventory management across all database platforms. It gives DBAs instant insights into key operational information including versions, data size and data growth trends. Powerful search capabilities can aggregate information across database platforms highlighting utilization statistics and data volumes. Data sources can be tagged with additional metadata to yield deeper insights across business & operational metrics.

DB Team Server

Simplify Basic Health Monitoring & Notifications

Proactively manage the basic health of enterprise databases from one centralized location. DB Team Server gives DBA teams the ability to quickly detect issues with availability, performance and storage. Alert notifications can be configured to instantly alert specific personnel when an issue arises.

Streamline Communications and Improve Knowledge Sharing

Boost team productivity and performance with easy access to specialized scripts, notes and solutions. Collaborative activity streams can be monitored to increase team awareness and accelerate knowledge sharing. Organizations with heterogeneous database environments can further benefit with reducing the learning curve and error rates of DBAs who may be less familiar with specific database platforms.

DB Team Server

New Performance IQ Add-On

Got Database Performance Anxiety?

Embarcadero® DB Team Server is a collaborative management platform for developers. With developers struggling to keep pace with the explosion of data, data sources and rapid development cycles, productivity solutions are becoming paramount. DBArtisan Team Server was designed specifically for enterprise DBA teams. It provides a holistic view of the enterprise database landscape to better manage and analyze corporate data assets. Basic monitoring and alert notifications improve responsiveness with instant insights into availability, performance and storage. Team collaboration capabilities enhance knowledge sharing and improve communications by providing easy access to corporate database knowledge including specialized scripts, notes and internal discussion topics. Data silos are a thing of the past.


SQL Analytics

Deep insight on how cardinality or data skew may affect the variability in performance of a SQL statement, traveling back in time to see performance metrics, or analyzing database alerts for root-cause impacts


Wait based Monitoring & Alerting

Wait-based observations to help DBAs proactively understand and manage database environments. This includes time travel to allow them to rapidly travel back in time to dissect issues as they occurred, as well as baselines to more fully understand deviations from the normal trends. User configurable alerting so there are no surprises