MetaWizard is an application that allows ER/Studio to integrate with more than seventy other applications by sharing metadata through an import-export bridging capability. Integrate metadata across modeling tools, business intelligence, ETL platforms and industry-standard exchange formats such as XMI, XML and XSD as well as Big Data platforms such as Hadoop.

Convert Existing Models

You won't lose the investment you've made in your existing data models when switching over to ER/Studio. MetaWizard Import Bridge makes it easy to convert data models from all the major modeling tools such as ERwin, IBM Rational Data Architect, Oracle Designer, and Sybase PowerDesigner. Import from their native file formats into ER/Studio for both logical and physical models.

Share Models with Other Groups

Whether you work in a large or small organization, you will likely find the need to share your ER/Studio models with those who use other tools. Perhaps you want to engage with an application developer who uses a UML tool or someone in another organization who uses a different data modeling tool. The MetaWizard Export Bridge makes this possible, while maintaining consistency with the models and underlying metadata.

Integrate Metadata with Other Structured Data Platforms

Metadata is the data about your data. It should be consistent across the organization whether the data resides in a database, Excel spreadsheet, Business Intelligence (BI) application, an ETL tool, or an XML structure. MetaWizard makes it easy to share metadata across all of these platforms and ensures you don't duplicate work in these areas.

Integrate Metadata from Big Data Platforms

With MetaWizard, you can import metadata available in Big Data technologies such as Apache Hadoop Hive servers from Cloudera, DataStax, Hadapt, Hortonworks and MapR to be part of your data models.

System Requirements

  • MetaWizard operates as a feature within ER/Studio and does not affect system requirements
  • For a complete list of Import and Export applications click here.