With the explosion of data within the enterprise and the need to truly understand how data is used and accessed across the organization, businesses are elevating the importance of data modeling and improving how data is used across critical applications and systems.

Today's leading companies are taking data modeling to the next level and using it to respond to changing business conditions, reduce data redundancy, and improve productivity and data quality.

Embarcadero's data architecture and modeling tools are used every day in business intelligence, master data management, data governance, data warehousing and data integration projects. Our innovative and intuitive tools enable architects to improve data quality, build better applications and reduce data management costs.

Combining data, business process and UML modeling and reporting for multiple relational and non-relational platforms, ER/Studio helps data professionals build the data architecture foundation for large, complex databases and data warehouses, and consolidate, report and re-use metadata easier and more accurately than ever.

Embarcadero ER/Studio tools also enable business stakeholders to make better decisions. According to a Dimensional Research study "Data Modeling and Collaboration: Insights for Business and Data Professionals,” data professionals have little confidence in the way business stakeholders within their organizations use corporate data when making important business decisions. This can be attributed to inaccurate data models and metadata due to a lack of collaboration between business teams, data professionals and application developers.

This Dimensional Research report summarizes key survey findings and highlights the current trends in corporate data and data modeling.



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