Deploying Your Signed Android Application

Project prepared for generating a package to upload to an application store

After you successfully configure your development environment for Android application development, you can deploy your application as a signed package. You can later upload the signed package to application stores such as Google Play or Amazon.

Before you generate a signed application package, you must check the settings of your application, such as the application version, and update any settings that are incorrect. See Preparing an Android Application for Deployment.

To generate a signed package containing your application, do the following:

  1. On the Project Manager, expand the Build Configurations node and double-click the Release configuration, or any other platform-agnostic configuration that you want to use to build your signed application package.
  2. Expand the Target Platforms node and double-click the Android target platform to select that platform. The selected target platform is displayed using a bold font.
  3. Expand the Android node, expand the Configuration node within, and double-click the Application Store platform configuration node to select that platform configuration. The selected platform configuration is displayed using a bold font.
  4. Select Project > Options > Provisioning, and check that all fields are filled with the right values. A keystore file and a certificate are required to sign your application. See Completing the Provisioning Page for more information.
  5. Select Project > Deployment, and click the Deploy DMgrDeploy.png button to deploy your application.

RAD Studio builds your application using the Android SDK you previously added to the IDE and signs your application using the signing certificate specified in the Provisioning page.

You can find your signed application package (.apk) in your project folder:
<Your Project Folder>\Android\<Selected Configuration>\<Project Name>\bin\<Project Name>.apk

For example: C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\Projects\ProjectFolder\Android\Release\MyProject\bin\MyProject.apk.

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