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Bring Design to Development to facilitate a collaborative workflow

HTML5 Builder provides developers with integration to designer assets, making it easy to make your apps stand out from the crowd. You can apply various UI styles and themes to your applications, reuse or customize existing components and choose from a variety of languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create beautiful apps that compete better in the market.

css3 property editorsIntuitive visual interface to create CSS3 UIs and animation

CSS3 provides advanced capabilities for creating custom user interfaces. With CSS3 support in HTML5 Builder, you can set and customize CSS3 properties for each user element. HTML5 Builder also offers an intuitive visual interface for creating CSS3 animations and generates CSS3 code that can be viewed and edited in the Code Editor.

jQuery Mobile StylesCreate visually rich apps with jQuery Mobile UI theming

Create visually rich apps that help you compete better in the market. The jQuery Mobile UI theming interface in HTML5 Builder allows you to easily create new color schemes for your mobile applications by dragging and dropping colors onto your UI controls. After you have created your new theme, a CSS file is automatically generated that can be used to style a control or entire mobile app to your liking.

client web live preview and designLive Preview before you go to production

Write your own HTML5 and JavaScript code or use an existing template to speed up your development time. Then, see code changes live and get a live preview of your project. You can design and customize existing HTML5 Builder UI components through CSS3 property and animation editors and embed them in your client page with Live Preview.