Spikes Security Selects RAD Studio to Build the World’s Most Secure Browser

Established in 2012, Spikes Security is a developer of web security solutions that prevent browser-borne malware from entering enterprise networks. Its flagship AirGap™ product is an enterprise-class browser isolation system that operates outside the firewall to separate users from their browser and ensure networks.

“We have built our reputation in the industry for making the world’s most secure web browser,” says Scott Bennett, chief software architect and VP engineering. “It’s all about keeping information inside the walls of a company.”


The biggest challenge for people building and developing software is having to write programs multiple times to support multiple platforms. Bennett notes, “You start with building Windows applications, and then have to start from scratch to write the others. At the same time the pressure is on to deliver applications more quickly than your competition.”

Prior to adopting RAD Studio, the company had spent considerable time evaluating other options. In each comparison, Embarcadero came out on top; In almost every other case, the available solutions were either plagued with inherent security issues or covered some – but not all – of the platforms.


The key features for Spikes were RAD Studio’s multi-platform capabilities, security, and quality of the pre-built components. “Those components are very important for us,” Bennett says. “Other technologies may have them, but there is no guarantee of their quality. We know we can always trust components released by Embarcadero.”

Another important selling feature was the developer community built by Embarcadero for its software development tools. “That’s the key to everything”, he adds. It’s impossible for a single company to support all developers’ needs. You need an ecosystem to help write components. RAD Studio brings with it one of the finest communities of developers I’ve seen. The quality and the knowledge base are what make the technology so adaptable.”


“With RAD Studio, Spikes’ developers can now write from a single code base that it can leverage against all platforms. As a result, we can release product to market faster than any of our competitors, simply because we only have to write code once,” Bennett says. Further elaborating, he notes, “One of our competitors in fact started before us, and we have fully launched our product and added new features while they’re still working on developing their first release.”

Another important benefit with RAD Studio is that applications can run directly on the CPU. In addition, there’s no need to optimize binary applications on a per platform basis. “We can build a single optimized compiled binary for all of them, so if we build for Mac, it will run like a native app on Apple technology. If it runs on Windows, it looks, runs and feel like it was built with Microsoft technology,” Bennett explains.

"We can release product to market faster than any of our competitors, simply because we only have to write code once.”

– Scott Bennett, Chief Software Architect and VP Engineering, Spikes Security"