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BS Software Development

História de sucesso do Delphi e FireMonkey
BS Software Development

BS Software Development


QuickCON - Communication Solution for the Medical Sector

Formats Tools Used
  • DelphiDelphi
  • FireMonkeyFireMonkey

Doctors, clinics, and laboratories needed a secure solution for sharing patient records and ordering lab testing. In addition to handling hundreds of thousands of documents daily, medical staff want to connect with their counterparts via both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Doctors and clinics order 300,000 lab reports daily from their iPhones, Android devices, and desktops thanks to Delphi’s multi-platform support.
  • Using Delphi's encryption component, patients and doctors are reassured their records remain confidential.
  • Due to the extensive automation QuickCON enables cost reduction and high efficiency.

Better Health enabled by Delphi

QuickCON by BS software development - The Comprehensive Communication Solution for the Medical Sector

BS software development GmbH & Co. KG is part of the Bucher Group, which has been producing innovative software solutions in the medical sector for over 20 years. The company focuses on networking and supporting healthcare providers in their daily work.

“We make every product with Delphi. Delphi enables us to respond immediately to customer requests and to bring great software and new releases to the market very quickly through an extensive component collection.”

Jens Böttinger - Head of Development at BS Software Development

See in this interesting video how BS software development develops successful and state-of-the-art applications with Delphi and how Embarcadero tools are used. English subtitles are availabe

In the medical sector, highest accuracy and security is the highest priority. BS software development is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and always develops the solutions with regard to the Medical Devices Act. Quality comes first.

More than 10,000 users depend on QuickCON to securely connect laboratories, clinics, and doctors. Generating over 200,000 PDF documents and processing over 300,000 lab orders daily, this powerful communications solution scales easily to meet the demanding needs of the medical sector. QuickCON’s client app is available for both desktops and mobile devices, offering doctors flexible application access.

BS software development has relied on Delphi as its development tool for many years. QuickCON’s client app is built with Delphi’s FireMonkey cross-platform capabilities, while the backend leverages DataSnap server technology. BS software development plans to expand to the international market using Delphi’s simple multilingual support.