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Mar 6

Localização: Online Event

Tempo: 12:00 pm CST

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Migrating and Modernizing C++ Projects

Presenter: David Millington

C++ and C++Builder has moved a long way in recent years, providing many more optimizations, the ability to write much more elegant and concise code, and other features that improve the quality of your codebase, the ease of writing code, and the performance and behavior of the app you deliver to your users. But with those additions comes the concrete difficulty of upgrading to a toolchain that can take advantage of them.

Join David Millington, our C++ Product Manager, to learn about how to upgrade your projects using the classic compiler to a newer version of RAD Studio, whether still using classic or moving to clang. Topics include Unicode migration and how to approach it, language compatibility and issues moving from classic to clang, and more. This is concrete real-world advice from someone with experience tackling exactly these problems with large codebases.

Mar 20

Localização: Online Event

Tempo: 12:00 pm CDT

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Real World Examples Using RAD Server 10.3

Presenter: Jon Aasenden

Join Jon Aasenden as he demonstrates real-world examples using RAD Server. He'll cover new enhancements available in RAD Server 10.3. This webinar is suitable for developers interested in multi-tier application infrastructure, and developers using Enterprise and Architect Editions who want to get the most out of their included RAD Server licenses.