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DataU 2014 Conference

There's so much you have to know, so much you have to do, and you're constantly being challenged to keep up with less – less time, less money, less training, and even less staff. DataU delivers training to you in the most efficient manner possible – online.

Watch all of the Embarcadero DataU Conference sessions on-demand today! With more than 15 sessions, you'll learn best practices, tips & tricks, and future trends on managing your enterprise data.

Why DataU?

  • Check out all the FREE sessions led by Embarcadero product experts
  • Boost your database and data architecture skills so that you can master your data
Data Modeling Source Control Demystified This topic will give users an overview and challenges faced by organizations wanting to implement a secure Data Modeling Strategy by protecting their data modeling assets in a secure form. We shall explore on how this can be achieved.
How to connect your applications to your data An Application Programming Interface (API) brings your own applications closer to your critical business data, allowing you to access and control your business glossaries, terms and model data quickly and easily. Using an API can connect your models with your business applications, so that you can align system data with business-critical data.
Maintaining consistent data across multiple systems Data types that are not consistent across multiple systems where data movement occurs could result in loss of data or inconsistent data. Learn how to make sure that objects across multiple systems are consistent and that data from one system will fit into another.
Automating Data Modeling Tasks Finding ways to automate common tasks can make your data modeling more productive. By investing a little bit of time initially, you can save time later over trying to make changes manually. In addition, your models will be more consistent and it can be easier to make large scale changes. In this session I will provide some examples where automating tasks can provide real benefit and show you from start to finish how to implement them.
Data Governance Trends The volume of data continues to increase and is coming from more data sources. With more data comes increased opportunity, but also increased risk of data miscomprehension and non-compliance with mandatory regulations. Every organization today has to determine how to better manage their data as a critical and strategic corporate asset. Join this session to hear about widely-reported data trends that may impact your organization and ways to improve the management of data in your enterprise.
Taming the Wild West of Data Prior to joining Embarcadero, Ron was a consultant who used ER/Studio as well as a variety of other data modeling suites throughout his career. Referencing the Astron Technologies case study, he will discuss some of the data management challenges faced in large enterprise environments. Join the session to hear Ron's perspective not only as an end-user of ER/Studio, but also as a Product Manager focused on continuous improvement of the tools to meet industry needs.
The Intrinsic Value of Data Modeling Maybe you're using Visio, Excel, or a proprietary tool with limited functionality to create a data model. Perhaps you are expanding your job scope to include data modeling and aren't sure where to start. Or you might be very experienced with data modeling, but need a tool that gives you more capabilities to simplify your tasks. Learn more about the value of data modeling.
Getting Physical High-fidelity database schemas capture essential business rules and help ensure data quality, but can be very time-consuming to produce and maintain. Enterprise-grade data modeling tools excel in automating the construction and maintenance of robust database designs from logical models. Learn how to leverage tooling and automation to build and manage consistent, high-quality database schemas from your logical models.
Documenting your data landscape for the organization When it comes to making informed decisions, data is the most critical asset an organization possesses. In this session, you'll see how to create documentation of organizational data, which is easily understood and readily available to anyone within the organization.
Case Study: Solving Common Oracle DBA Tasks at a leading German Bank A leading German bank uses DBArtisan to manage hundreds of databases in their organization. This case study will show how many common DBA tasks are solved using DBArtisan at large enterprises and how DBAs perform these tasks to keep the database operational, such as configuring the database, managing memory and storage, managing security, managing database objects, and more.
Case Study: Achieving Database Schema Compliance at a UK Finance Institute The requirement to maintain and prove schema compliance within the organization's database inventory continues to expand. The key objective is to discover and report on schema anomalies in the production database landscape. The use of DB Change Manager enables comprehensive schema checks to run baseline schema snapshots against the production databases to easily highlight discrepancies and enables the DBA team to act rapidly to resolve any critical issues.
Bind Variables and Application Performance Not many people are familiar with Bind Variables or how they can be used. Find out how bind variables can be used effectively to make your SQL perform more efficiently and why they can achieve this performance.
Solving Performance Problems on Oracle DB DBAs and database developers regularly spend a lot of time tracking down and resolving performance issues on the database servers they are responsible for; it can be very difficult, frustrating, and expensive. Given the complex interactions of applications, users and databases, new performance issues can arise almost as fast as old ones can be addressed. This session wil simulate common performance problems on an Oracle server and then to both identify those problems and provide effective solutions.
Managing Database Security and Compliance When managing database security and compliance, the DBA can't take a chance on anything falling through the cracks. In this session, you'll learn how to set up a change control process for your databases that will provide the coverage needed to ensure your environment is staying in compliance.
The Top Productivity Solution for DBAs – Hint: It's in a Can Why has Monster Energy drink become standard operating equipment for DBAs? Join us for a hard-hitting look at the state-of-the-union for DBAs, what to expect in the future and caffeine-free ideas for short-term success.
Resurrection of SQL with Big Data and Hadoop Did you really think that SQL was going away? Attend this session to learn how SQL is a vital part of the next generation of data environments. Find out how you can use your existing SQL tools in the big data ecosystem.