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SpeakerBiographySession Topics
Ahmed, Mohammad
Mohammad Ahmed is an expert consultant on the Embarcadero Enterprise Data Management tools product line. With over 10 years of experience at Embarcadero in a variety of technical, pre-sales and consultancy roles, Mohammad is considered 'the' trusted advisor and go-to person for his clients and colleagues. His key interests are helping organizations to fully understand and maximize their use of Embarcadero solutions. Mohammad travels extensively throughout the UK and frequently presents Embarcadero solutions to prospects and existing customer bases.
Ball, Stephen
Stephen Ball is the Associate Product Manager for InterBase and an Evangelist for Embarcadero's RAD products, regularly speaking across Europe and Africa. As a Chartered IT Professional, Stephen brings a unique sense of product and practical business insight from over a decade of multi-national first-hand experience leading development teams on projects working with RAD Studio and InterBase on products for a range of blue-chip companies including Hilton, American Express, Virgin Active, Range Servant and Fitness First.
Baroniunas, Richard
Baron Software
Richard Baroniunas is a leading expert in database and application design as well as development for the past 25 years.  He has worked with top companies in the financial districts such as Goldman Sachs, American Exchange, Bankers Trust, Chase, etc. Richard is an expert in various programming languages and databases which allow him to quickly acknowledge where issues or bottlenecks are, address the problem with the client and finally fix the issue. Richard has numerous certifications on various software products thus allowing him to quickly learn and gain the edge in giving Baron Software customers the best of all worlds. Baron Software, established in 1992, prides itself on using Embarcadero products to solve many issues since all of the product line is robust and looks towards the future. Baron Software also works with Microsoft products and currently are product specialists.
Barringer, Mark
With over 7 years of experience at Embarcadero in a variety of technical, sales and consultancy roles, Mark Barringer is an expert evangelist on the Embarcadero Enterprise Data Management tools product line. He is considered a leading authority on ER/Studio and DB PowerStudio and is responsible for the company's database tools business in EMEA and LATAM. His key interests are helping organizations to fully understand and maximize their use of corporate data assets. Mark travels extensively throughout the region and frequently presents at Embarcadero and third party events. He has recently presented in India, Russia, the Nordics and Benelux on data governance and how to kick start governance programs.
Blaha, Michael
Modelsoft Consulting Corp
Michael Blaha is a consultant and trainer who specializes in conceiving, architecting, modeling, designing and tuning databases. He has worked with dozens of organizations around the world. Michael has authored seven U.S. patents, seven books and many articles. His most recent publication is the "Learning Data Modeling" video course. He received his doctorate from Washington University in St. Louis and is an alumnus of GE Global Research.
Celko, Joe
Joe Celko is a relational database expert and independent consultant who has taught SQL in the US, UK, the Nordic countries, South America and Africa. He is the author of eight books on SQL for Morgan-Kaufmann, including the best-selling SQL FOR SMARTIES, and over 1200 published articles on SQL and other database topics. Joe is a well-known figure on Newsgroups and Forums, and he is famous for his dry wit. He is also interested in Science Fiction.
Clemas-Howard, Julian
Julian Clemas-Howard has nearly 20 years of data architecture and management experience providing his services to most of the UK's mobile telecommunications companies as well as organizations in the Insurance and utilities sectors. He was part of the team that bought Virgin Mobile to the market as the first MVNO in the UK; it was here that he developed his passion for Data Warehousing and where he developed his first Enterprise Logical Data Model. The often heard axiom 'Data as a corporate asset' is central to Julian's approach to data architecture and governance helping organizations monetize their data in a coherent and responsible way. A passionate evangelist for the importance of the LDM's place in every organization, Julian believes that it is even more important today as organizations are moving away from traditional 'monolith' data warehouses to a more distributed landscape where agility (in all its guises) is the new frontier for data practitioners.
D'Antoni, Joseph
Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting
Joseph D'Antoni is a Senior Consultant and SQL Server MVP with over a decade of experience working in both Fortune 500 and smaller firms. He is a Principal Architect for Denny Cherry and Associates and lives in Malvern, PA.  He is a frequent speaker at major tech events and blogger about all topics technology. He believes that no single platform is the answer to all technology problems. He holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Louisiana Tech University, an MBA from North Carolina State University and is the co-author of the Microsoft white paper, "Using Power BI in a Hybrid Environment."
Dave, Pinal
Pinal Dave is a Developer Evangelist. He has authored 11 SQL Server database books, 14 Pluralsight courses and has written over 2,900 articles on database technology on his blog at http://blog.sqlauthority.com. Along with 10+ years of hands-on experience, he holds a Masters of Science degree and a number of certifications, including MCTS, MCDBA and MCAD (.NET). His past work experiences include Technology Evangelist at Microsoft and Sr. Consultant at SolidQ.
Hawton, Brett
Brett Hawton is the Director of Product Management for DB PowerStudio at Embarcadero. He has been involved in the database performance tools business for the last 20+ years authoring much of the DBMS performance software sold by Oracle, Idera, EMC, Redgate, SQL Sentry and others.
Hoberman, Steve
Steve Hoberman & Associates, LLC
Steve Hoberman taught his first data modeling class in 1992 and has trained more than 10,000 people since then, spanning every continent except Africa and Antarctica. Organizations around the globe have brought Steve in to teach his Data Modeling Master Class, which is recognized as the most comprehensive data modeling course in the industry. Steve is the author of seven books on data modeling, including the bestseller Data Modeling Made Simple. One of Steve's frequent data modeling consulting assignments is to review data models using his Data Model Scorecard® technique. He is the founder of the Design Challenges group, Conference Chair of the Data Modeling Zone conference, recipient of the 2012 Data Administration Management Association (DAMA) International Professional Achievement Award, and highest rated tutorial presenter at Enterprise Data World 2014 and Enterprise Data World 2015.
Huizenga, Ron
Ron Huizenga is the lead Product Manager for ER/Studio at Embarcadero. Ron has over 30 years of experience as an IT executive and consultant in Enterprise Data Architecture, Governance, Business Process Reengineering and Improvement, Program/Project Management, Software Development and Business Management. His experience spans multiple industries including manufacturing, supply chain, pipelines, natural resources, retail, health care, insurance and transportation.
Imhoff, Claudia
Intelligent Solutions, Inc.
A thought leader, visionary, and practitioner, Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized expert on analytics, business intelligence, and the architectures to support these initiatives. Dr. Imhoff has co-authored five books on these subjects and writes articles (totaling more than 150) for technical and business magazines. She is also the Founder of the Boulder BI Brain Trust, a consortium of internationally-recognized independent analysts and experts.
Kranz, Wes
Wes Kranz currently serves as the Senior Director of Database Products at Embarcadero. He has a passion for making life easier with technology and has held numerous senior leadership roles at software & technology consulting companies. With experience as code slinger (developer), data doctor (database administrator) and model mechanic (data modeler), Wes provides leadership for database product management and marketing teams.
Loranger, Rob
Rob Loranger is an Embarcadero Product Manager for the ER/Studio product family. Prior to his current role, Rob was a Sr. Software Consultant, and for more than 9 years he has been one of Embarcadero's leading experts for its database development, management, and architecture software.
Maggi, Joseph
Joseph Maggi is a technology professional with a demonstrated track record of exploiting technology to solve business problems and enhance the bottom-line for both public and private sector clients. He has been involved with data modeling and relational design for more than 20 years and has taught formal data modeling courses to dozens of Fortune 500 companies. Joseph is a founding managing partner with Agilarc LLC, a data management company that focuses on building agility into formal architecture.
Porter, Nick
Silwood Technology Ltd
Nick Porter is Technical Director of Silwood Technology Ltd, the originators of Safyr, the metadata exploration tool for large application packages such as SAP, Salesforce, PeopleSoft and Oracle EBS. Nick has over 35 years IT experience, the last 25 being in the Information Architecture space, providing tools and consulting to support projects needing an understanding of data structures for ERPs.
Sarmiento, Edwin
Edwin M. Sarmiento is the Managing Director of 15C, a consulting and training company that specializes on designing, implementing and supporting SQL Server infrastructures. Edwin is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP and Microsoft Certified Master from Ottawa, Canada specializing in high availability, disaster recovery and system infrastructures running on the Microsoft server technology stack ranging from Active Directory to SharePoint and anything in between. He is very passionate about technology but has interests in music, professional and organizational development, and leadership and management matters when not working with databases.
Shiffa, Sultan
Dr. Sultan Shiffa is an Associate Product Manager for DB PowerStudio and senior software consultant for Enterprise Data Management at Embarcadero and works as an expert for complex and diverse data management solutions. He assists Embarcadero's largest customers in the development of methodologies for integrating Embarcadero database products into their existing processes. Before joining Embarcadero, he worked for more than two decades as an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) DBA and database consultant.
Sterrett, John
Procure SQL LLC
John Sterrett is a Group Principal and Sr. Consultant at Linchpin People. Previously, he was a Sr. Database Admin Advisor for Dell, directly responsible for several mission-critical databases behind dell.com. John has presented at many community events, including PASS Summit, SQL Rally, 24 Hours of PASS, SQL Saturdays, PASS Chapters, and Virtual Chapter meetings. John is a PASS Regional Mentor, leader of the Austin SQL Server User Group and founder of the HADR Virtual Chapter.
van der Lans, Rick
R20/Consultancy BV
Rick van der Lans is an independent analyst, consultant, author and lecturer specializing in data warehousing, business intelligence, big data and database technology. He is Managing Director of R20/Consultancy and an internationally acclaimed lecturer. For many years now, he is the chairman of the annual European Enterprise Data and Business Intelligence conference. Rick writes for various websites, including TechTarget and B-eye-Network, and he has authored many whitepapers. His popular books, including "Introduction to SQL", have been translated into many languages and have sold over 100,000 copies. Recently, Rick published a new book entitled "Data Virtualization for Business Intelligence Systems."
Walz, Scott
Scott Walz has more than 20 years of experience in the area of database development and currently serves as the Director of Software Consultants for Embarcadero Technologies.  Prior to joining Embarcadero 12 years ago, Scott served as a development lead for Louisville Gas & Electric. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer information systems from Western Kentucky University.