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The Mac Imperative for Windows Software Developers

New tools let developers create applications for Windows and Mac from a single code base - Important when you consider that according to AppleInsider, Mac sales surged 66% in the enterprise in the first quarter of 2011.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Microsoft MVP, Miguel Carrasco, and learn how you can expand your company's market opportunity by reaching both Windows and Mac OS X markets using a single code base.


In this Webinar you'll learn how  to:

  • Expand your Market Opportunity – Take advantage of your existing programming skills and knowledge to tap into the ever growing market for Mac applications
  • Cost and Time to Support Mac - Easily support both popular and Apple Mac hardware with the same effort as Windows alone
  • Support of BYOD Initiatives - As Mac deployment in the Enterprise grows, use FireMonkey to deliver both Mac and Windows versions of your applications from one codebase
  • Compete Better in the Market - Build visually rich, database connected business applications that leverage the full power of the CPU and GPU for blazing native performance


Miguel Carrasco is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional with 15 years of deep technology knowledge and experience. He has architected enterprise software, created search engine optimized strategies, developed software and directed interactive marketing campaigns. Miguel's track record in the real world is impeccable. Miguel is not just an entertaining speaker, he is a team motivator, team leader and technology visionary.


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