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Rapid SQL Features

Listed product, feature, and database platform support varies based on product edition. For details, please visit the Product Editions page.

General Features
Multi-platform Support Supports all major DBMSs from a single interface. Ability to use the tools on all supported platforms from a single license.
Embarcadero® AppWave™ Enables centralized license management and tool deployment
Unicode Support Full Unicode character support throughout the application
Intuitive Interface Automates common and repetitive tasks with easy-to-use SQL editors and wizards
Performance Management (Optional)
Performance IQ Add On Reduces performance troubleshooting efforts by providing embedded intelligence & insights to help investigate, identify & resolve performance issues.
Proactive Diagnostics Provides detailed metrics and identifies performance, capacity planning, and storage management issues before they become major problems.
Process Monitor Monitors who is connected to each database along with each session’s current activity and other session-related data.
DB Team Server Collaboration
Centralized Data Source Management Simplifies access an improve management. Share data sources across DBA and developer teams and gain insights with powerful search capabilities.
Monitoring And Alert Notifications Improve responsiveness and reduce downtime with centralized basic health monitoring and alert teams on availability, performance and storage.
Team Collaboration Streamline communication and knowledge sharing with team members. With access to data source repositories, health metrics and DB Password Locker. Capture knowledge and leverage best practices from others.
SQL Scripting and Editing
Visual Query Builder Constructs even the most complicated SQL statements with point-and-click ease
Code Templates Eliminates the need to memorize and type SQL syntax
SQL Editor Code folding, code collapse/roll-up, syntax coloring, hot key assignments, configurable auto replace of objects, bind variable support, selective statement execution
Context-sensitive DMBS Actions DBMS actions, such as Extract and Drop, are available directly in the context menu of the appropriate tokens in the SQL editor
Debugging, Performance Optimization
Code Analyst Performs detailed response time analysis on the execution of stored procedures and functions
SQL Debugger Debugs programmable objects such as stored procedures, functions, packages, and triggers. Available for DB2 for LUW, Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase
SQL Profiler Captures metrics of various PL/SQL programmable objects on Oracle 8.1.5 and higher.
Developer Features
Advanced Code Assist Lists context-sensitive suggestions as you type (e.g., tables, columns, procedures, functions, and code templates) and is available offline
Code Formatting and Profiles Code folding, syntax coloring, comment toggling, and other auto formatting features make it easy to read, navigate, and edit large SQL files. Customize and share various SQL formatting options by creating SQL formatting profiles
Context-sensitive DBMS Actions DBMS actions, such as Extract and Drop, are available directly in the context menu of the appropriate tokens in the SQL editor
Syntax & Semantic Validation Validate SQL files and flags all DBMS-specific parser violations or references to objects not found in the target database
Quick Fixes Real-time parsing provides code quality suggestions for improving SQL performance as you type
SQL Debugging Debug Java, step seamlessly into SQL (i.e. stored procedure) and back into Java again – true system-wide, round-trip debugging
Data Governance*
Inline Metadata Gives users real-time metadata visibility in the SQL IDE and will gain valuable context in SQL query development with awareness of sensitive data. Examples of metadata attributes are: table descriptions, PII, data governance policy information, etc.
Centralized Datasource Repository Provides the functionality for users to work from a common, centralized datasource repository

* Data Governance features require CONNECT and ER/Studio