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RAD Studio Partner Program

Apoiando nossos clientes com habilidades e conhecimentos essenciais

Looking for Partnership Opportunities? So Are We!

You are a Software Consulting company. We create some of the best known, world class development tools. Partnering seems inevitable – Now is the time!

Growing demand for advanced software development expertise, that only a specialized consulting firm can deliver, is being driven by standard use of multiple operating systems in the work place, an urgent need to migrate code across different platforms, and rapidly increasing calls for more efficient, complex data visualization.

Become a RAD Studio Partner

These are tremendous opportunities for software consultants who are prepared, and have the right tools available to them. Partner with Embarcadero and we can make sure you have the capabilities needed to win new business.

Dedicating a software development company to the Windows platform was once a reasonable proposition. Times change. Customers now expect multi-device support as standard. Partnering with Embarcadero gives you a fast and trusted approach to taking advantage of these opportunities and exceeding your customers' expectations. And you can achieve all this without the steep learning curve or costs involved with trying to support many code-bases.

Open Up A Whole New World of Development Opportunity with RAD Studio

RAD Studio enables you to write native, multi-device applications, all from a single code-base. Write once – compile many. Windows, Windows 8, Mac OS X, iOS, Android. Increase your margins; use RAD Studio to create and deliver native applications for all platforms without expensive re-tooling and re-hiring.

RAD Studio is Perfect for Mobile Apps and Devices

Embarcadero – a Partner You Can Trust

RAD Studio is an integrated development environment that more than 3 million users depend on. With roots in the Borland CodeGear product line, partners benefit from constantly refined and updated development tools with a twenty year history. During that time, RAD Studio has been responsible for thousands of mission-critical, productivity, and recreational applications, winning awards along the way for innovation.

We invite you to try RAD Studio for yourself. Get started now by downloading a free trial – we can walk you through everything you need to know to familiarize yourself with key features, and to experience the ease of native, multi-platform application development.

Your Invitation to Join the Premier RAD Studio Partner Program

Embarcadero is looking for opportunities to work with savvy developers and development companies, those that match Embarcadero's reputation for innovation and success.

Members of the Developer Partner Program will be entitled to:

  • Partner directory listing
  • Referrals from Embarcadero for development projects using RAD Studio products
  • Use the very latest multi-device development technology: RAD Studio
  • Generous margin on Embarcadero products sold by you

The more successful partners become an extension to Embarcadero's product experts, contributing to blogs, webinars, and live sessions, and being invited to Embarcadero events to share their expertise with a highly targeted audience.

There has never been a better time to sign up as an Embarcadero Developer Partner.