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Bringing together innovation with the best of OpenSource

As a developer it's virtually impossible for you to keep up with all of today's Java™ innovations without losing productivity. Any modern application will most likely incorporate Java and open source technologies and frameworks, so you must be able to use them quickly and easily. Java applications are becoming more complex over time as well. With the advent of Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture, the architecture of enterprise applications has changed dramatically. We now talk about multi-tier applications which can live virtually anywhere, accessing services both local and "in the cloud", spanning multiple databases and Java virtual machines. In order to design, build, and maintain these applications, you require a newer, more sophisticated set of tools.

JBuilder brings together the best of the open source world and the innovation of a market leading RAD tools provider. Now you can now take advantage of the benefits of open source technologies and frameworks such as Struts, Hibernate, Spring, EJBs, and Eclipse combined with the productivity and quality of JBuilder.

JBuilder provides an enterprise-class IDE based on the Eclipse framework with support for the leading commercial and open source Java EE 5 application servers. Some key features in JBuilder that can help improve your r productivity, reduce code complexity, and improve application quality include:

  • Collaborative team development
  • Code archeology
  • Visual EJB and Web Services development
  • Code profiling and performance tuning
  • Thread debugging and analysis
  • Code audits and metrics
  • Precise CPU performance analysis of Java EE protocols
  • UML modeling
  • Visual Swing UI designer

New to JBuilder is Application Factories (AF), a feature that increases code reuse and productivity. AF allows you to focus more on the nature and purpose of the application and less on the underlying platform, framework, and technologies.