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Thanks for joining us for the
RAD Studio XE2 World Tour

Thousands joined us at more than 70 events in 30 countries to get a first-hand look at all the new capabilities that they have been waiting for in Delphi, C++Builder, Embarcadero Prism, RadPHP and RAD Studio XE2

World Tour On-Demand

If you couldn't attend one of the live events or would like to experience the World Tour again, watch the web seminar version of the RAD Studio XE2 World Tour on-demand!

Watch it now >

The RAD Studio XE2 family of products is available now!

Learn more about RAD Studio XE2, Delphi XE2, C++Builder XE2, Embarcadero Prism XE2 and RadPHP XE2.

More about the RAD Studio XE2 World Tour

The word is out. The biggest and best Delphi, C++Builder, RadPHP and RAD Studio release is here now! Join us at a free event near you to get a first-hand look at all the new RAD capabilities you’ve been asking for and more.

With RAD Studio XE2, you can create 64-bit Windows Delphi applications to take advantage of the latest hardware, access more memory, and push the performance envelope. You will be able to deploy your applications to Windows and Mac and more. And with FireMonkey™, the GPU-powered next-generation application platform, you’ll be able to create visually stunning HD and 3D business applications that are more immersive and interactive than anything on the market.

Come see what all the excitement is about! Sign up for a FREE RAD Studio XE2 World Tour event near you and see how easy you can:

  • Create GPU-powered FireMonkey applications that will keep your customers engaged
  • Build 64-bit Delphi applications to take advantage of the latest hardware
  • Create a single application and target both Windows and OS X
  • Extend your multi-tier DataSnap applications with new mobile and cloud connectivity in RAD Cloud
  • Connect any visual element to any type of data using LiveBindings™
  • Modernize the look and feel of your Windows applications with VCL styles
  • Create mobile-optimized web applications and standalone apps for iOS and Android devices using RadPHP

. . . . and much more!

Past Dates and Locations

Auckland New Zealand Thursday August 4, 2011
Sydney Australia Wednesday August 10, 2011
Melbourne Australia Thursday August 11, 2011
Seoul Korea Friday August 12, 2011
Hsinchu Taiwan Tuesday August 16, 2011
São Paulo Brazil Tuesday August 16, 2011
Mumbai India Wednesday August 17, 2011
Taipei Taiwan Wednesday August 17, 2011
Rio de Janeiro Brazil Wednesday August 17, 2011
Goiânia Brazil Wednesday August 17, 2011
Belo Horizonte Brazil Thursday August 18, 2011
Bangalore India Thursday August 18, 2011
Taichung Taiwan Thursday August 18, 2011
Kaohsiung Taiwan Friday August 19, 2011
Natal Brazil Friday August 19, 2011
Recife Brazil Monday August 22, 2011
Berlin Germany Tuesday August 23, 2011
Porto Alegre Brazil Tuesday August 23, 2011
Brasilia Brazil (Day) Wednesday August 24, 2011
Brasilia Brazil (Evening) Wednesday August 24, 2011
Buenos Aires Argentina Wednesday August 24, 2011
Rostock Germany Thursday August 25, 2011
Chicago USA Saturday August 27, 2011
Vancouver Canada Wednesday August 31, 2011
Toronto Canada Wednesday August 31, 2011
Orange County USA Wednesday August 31, 2011
Calgary Canada Thursday September 1, 2011
Montreal Canada Thursday September 1, 2011
Los Angeles USA Thursday September 1, 2011
Tokyo Japan Tuesday September 6, 2011
Guadalajara Mexico Tuesday September 6, 2011
London UK Tuesday September 6, 2011
Portland USA Wednesday September 7, 2011
Boston USA Wednesday September 7, 2011
Dublin Ireland Wednesday September 7, 2011
Brussels Belgium Thursday September 8, 2011
Paris France Thursday September 8, 2011
Mexico City Mexico Thursday September 8, 2011
Seattle USA Thursday September 8, 2011
Jakarta Indonesia Friday September 9, 2011
Cologne Germany Saturday September 10, 2011
Moscow Russia Tuesday September 13, 2011
Bratislava Slovak Republic Tuesday September 13, 2011
Bogota Colombia Tuesday September 13, 2011
Prague Czech Republic Wednesday September 14, 2011
Warszawa Poland Wednesday September 14, 2011
Perth Australia Wednesday September 14, 2011
Adelaide Australia Thursday September 15, 2011
Munich Germany Thursday September 15, 2011
Denver USA Thursday September 15, 2011
Budapest Hungary Thursday September 15, 2011
Hoofddorp Netherlands Thursday September 15, 2011
Manchester UK Thursday September 15, 2011
San Diego USA Thursday September 15, 2011
Washington, DC USA Saturday September 17, 2011
Brisbane Australia Monday September 19, 2011
Vienna Austria Tuesday September 20, 2011
Poznan Poland Tuesday September 20, 2011
Gothenburg Sweden Tuesday September 20, 2011
Salt Lake City USA Tuesday September 20, 2011
Austin USA Tuesday September 20, 2011
Copenhagen Denmark Wednesday September 21, 2011
Milan Italy Wednesday September 21, 2011
Canberra Australia Wednesday October 21, 2011
Stockholm Sweden Wednesday September 21, 2011
Phoenix USA Wednesday September 21, 2011
Raleigh USA Wednesday September 21, 2011
Gdańsk Poland Wednesday September 21, 2011
Houston USA Wednesday September 21, 2011
Dallas USA Thursday September 22, 2011
Helsinki Finland Thursday September 22, 2011
Rome Italy Thursday September 22, 2011
Oslo Norway Thursday September 22, 2011
Sacramento USA Thursday September 22, 2011
Kiev Ukraine Thursday September 22, 2011
Newark USA Saturday September 24, 2011
Barcelona Spain Tuesday September 27, 2011
Lisbon Portugal Tuesday September 28, 2011
Wrocław Poland Wednesday September 28, 2011
Krakow Poland Thursday September 29, 2011
Madrid Spain Thursday September 29, 2011
Kolding Denmark Tuesday October 4, 2011
Zürich Switzerland Wednesday October 5, 2011
Zagreb Croatia Wednesday October 12, 2011
Hamburg Germany Wednesday October 12, 2011
Peking China Wednesday October 12, 2011
Shenzhen China Friday October 14, 2011
Frankfurt Germany Tuesday October 18, 2011
Liepzig Germany Thursday October 20, 2011
Regensburg Germany Tuesday October 25, 2011
Ulm Germany Thursday October 27, 2011

Les entreprises les plus réputées au monde s'appuient sur des logiciels conçus à l'aide des produits Embarcadero.